00.01 Mathematics Course Introduction

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Welcome to Mathematics on NRSNG. Having a foundational understanding of basic mathematics is essential to your success as a future nurse AND as a working nurse and beyond. Calculating medication dosages is an essential function of the nursing role, and it cannot be done without basic algebra.  We will also help with other basic functions like working with fractions and percentages and graphing equations to help you be successful on any entrance exams it may require you to take (HESI, TEAS, GRE, etc.).So what is covered? We have lessons on basic operations- which covers subtraction, addition, multiplication. Working with fractions–Numerator and denominator, Simplifying decimals & Percentages-Comparing, Using in math equations ratios & proportions-Nomenclature of ratios, Converting fraction to the ratio, Solving with proportions basic Algebra-Rules when using negative integers, Solving equations for a variable Graphing equations Slope-intercept form, Graphing linear equations and inequalities Basic statistics-Terminology, Solving problems and Basic Geometry which will cover definitions and use in math equations.So dive into the lessons we have and get confident with your math skills. Now go out and be your best selves today and as always happy nursing. 

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