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Heart Sounds Nursing Mnemonic

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APE To Man

  • A-Aortic
  • P-Pulmonic
  • E-Erbs points
  • T-Tricuspid
  • M-Mitral


Aortic and Pulmonic (A&P): 2 words, 2 spaces; these coincide in that they are both in the 2nd intercostal space. A is immediately to the right of the sternum, P is immediately to the left of the sternum. Erb’s point: Erb has 3 letters; you can find this point in the 3rd intercostal space (just to the left of the sternum), also the 3rd space to auscultate Tricuspid: 5th intercostal, just to the left of the sternum. Tri = 3, this is the fourth place to auscultate in the 5th intercostal space! Mitral: Mit sounds similar to mid.. Midclavicular area and straight down just below nipple line.

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