ALUMINUM CHLORIDE (Frenna AC) Nursing Considerations

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What is the Generic Name


What is the Trade Name for ALUMINUM CHLORIDE

Frenna AC

What is the Indication for ALUMINUM CHLORIDE

  • Frenna AC is a topical astringent solution of Aluminum Chloride. Gingival retraction can be achieved using a plain gingival retraction cord moistened with Frenna AC. Stops gingival bleeding fast. If you should anadvertently damage the gingival margin during tooth preparation or while placing a strip, a band, or a cervical matrix, moisten the area with Frenna AC which will control and stop bleeding quickly. Frenna AC contains no epinephrine. The use of casoconstrictors for gingival retractions and bleeding is potentially dangerous and should be avoided. A plain gingival retraction cord can be dipped in Frenna AC solution and then placed into the gingival sulcus for its hemostatic action.



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