AMBROSIA ARTEMISIIFOLIA (Short Ragweed) Nursing Considerations

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What is the Generic Name


What is the Trade Name for AMBROSIA ARTEMISIIFOLIA

Short Ragweed

What is the Indication for AMBROSIA ARTEMISIIFOLIA

  • INDICATIONS Studies have shown that properly performed an interpreted skin tests with ragweed pollen extract are useful in the diagnosis of allergy to ragweed pollen 7, 8, 20, 21 . Immunotherapy with the appropriate dosage of short ragweed pollen extract is effective in reducing symptoms of hay fever and asthma resulting from exposure to short ragweed pollen (9, 10, 11), and it is believed to be effective with extract of giant ragweed, although carefully controlled studies are unavailable. However, clinical observations and known cross reactivity between short and giant ragweed pollens have led to the practice of using a mixture of the two species for skin testing and treatment 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 . This form of treatment is recommended for patients who cannot avoid exposure to pollen and who do not obtain satisfactory relief of symptoms from other medications, such as antihistamines. Immunologic changes resulting from treatment with short ragweed pollen extract are believed to include: The induction of specific anti-ragweed IgG antibodies commonly referred to as “blocking antibodies” 12, 13 . A decrease in the elevation of ragweed specific IgE during and immediately following the ragweed pollen season 14 . A reduction of circulating anti-ragweed IgE after long-term immunotherapy 15 . A decrease in skin reactivity to the extract 16 and a decrease in leukocyte sensitivity to histamine release 17 after long-term immunotherapy.



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