00.01 Pharmacology Course Introduction

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Jon Haws RN BSN 

Creator of NRSNG/NURSING.com and charge nurse in a level I Trauma Center in DFW, Jon uses all of his spare time to create helpful content for nurses. Along with being a charge nurse Jon also works as a preceptor to nursing students and new grad nurses. These positions allow for him to see exactly what nursing students and new nurses are struggling with. Pharmacology is consistently one of the most complicated areas for new nurses. Jon is also married and has two children.


Tarang Patel DNP-NA, RN, CCRN, RPh

Tarang is both a Pharmacist and a Nurse. With several years of bedside critical care experience, Tarang is now pursuing a degree in Nurse Anesthesia and will…

MedMaster Course

The concept for the MedMaster course was born from listening to the response from nursing students. Every day we receive feedback from students stating that they are struggling with pharmacology. We believe that pharmacology does not have to be so difficult. Once you learn a few tips, tricks, and key information you can master pharm.

This course is designed in a manner to provide you videos, audio, handouts, and workbooks to meet every learning style. Start with module 1 and work your way through the course. When you are studying a specific medication go directly to the mp3 for that med. If you are covering a class of medications, watch the lecture over that class. Soon, as you work through the modules you will find that pharmacology is becoming second nature.

  • With each lecture you will find material for download. Please download this information so that you can study at any time and on any device.
  • Lectures and videos will pick up where you left off . . . so you don’t need to worry about watching an entire video or completing a module in a single sitting.
  • The last module contains some of the handouts and freebies that are mentioned throughout the course. Head to that module and take a look at all the freebies.
  • The course is completely responsive . . . this means you can use it on any device (phone, tablet, computer) with ease.

Our Goal

We have one goal with this course . . . For you to succeed and feel confident in Nursing Pharmacology.

If you do not feel a new sense of understanding and confidence after working through the modules . . . we have failed. This course has been designed with the information that we believe is MOST important for the NCLEX® and for your career as a nurse.

For disclaimer information please visit NRSNG.com. NCLEX® is a registered trademark of the NCSBN who hold no affiliation whatsoever with NRSNG.com, TazKai LLC, or MedMaster.

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