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3 Day Unlimited Trial. Then Billed Monthly for 6 Months. 200% Guarantee. NO CONTRACT – Cancel Anytime. No Risk

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180-Day Access


one time payment for 180-days access. 200% Guarantee.

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one time payment for 60-days access. 200% Guarantee.

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3 Day Unlimited Trial. Then Billed Monthly for 3 Months. 200% Guarantee. NO CONTRACT – Cancel Anytime. No Risk


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one time payment for 180-days access. 200% Guarantee.



Billed Monthly. Cancel Anytime. No Risk

200% NCLEX® Pass Money-Back Guarantee

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If you pass a SIMCLEX® and don’t pass the NCLEX ® we’ll give you a full refund… PLUS that same amount

200% nclex guarantee

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1 and 2 Year Memberships

After your trial, you will be billed monthly.  You can cancel ANY time – there is no contract. 

If you complete 3 payments on the 1 year plan – you will get 9 more months for free. 

If you complete 6 payments on the 2 year plan – you will get 18 more months for FREE. 


No problem at all! If you cancel your membership before you complete all the payments. 

After you cancel – you will not be billed again – even if you do not make all 3 or 6 payments. 

Great!  If you sign up for the 1 or 2 year NCLEX Prep plans – just cancel after 1 month.  

You get all the prep you need and save a TON of money. 

You can cancel ANY time before completing the payments – with no penalty.  There is no contract.

Pretty simple.  If you pass a SIMCLEX and do not pass the NCLEX, we will refund you payments PLUS pay you that same amount again.

Just submit proof of failure within 60 days.

The guarantee is good up to $800 and available once.  You can read all about it on the Terms of Use page.

First of all . . . we’re sorry to hear that! After you cancel there will be no additional charges and there are no penalties for cancelling. If you are past your trial period you can still cancel at any time with no penalties. And of course we have our incredible 200% NCLEX pass guarantee.

Great question. 

NCLEX Prep programs are expensive – with some as much as $599+.

When I was in nursing school there is NO way I could have afforded that. 

I also believe that debt or “buy-now-pay-later” programs are dangerous and want you to avoid MORE debt. 

So we created a way where you can get AMAZING NCLEX Prep, avoid debt, and if you make all the payments – keep access even on into your nursing career.

General Questions

It’s not . . . 

Look, we hate those programs who tie you into a soul crushing, impossible to cancel contract. 

To cancel, just click the button in your account.

Of course! Changing plans is super simple inside your account with just a couple clicks. is a supplement for future nurses and can help in preparing for HESI-A2, TEAS, NCLEX-PN, NCLEX-RN, is for current and future nurses at all stages. Our unique teaching method combined with our enormous resources library tied to proprietary algorithms insures that you learn EXACTLY WHAT you need to learn EXACTLY HOW you like to learn.

Absolutely! works for RNs, LPNs, NPs, . . . you name it!

Membership Questions

Here’s what I like to tell people.

If you are more than 2 years away from taking the NCLEX – pick the monthly plan.

If you take NCLEX within 1-2 years, pick the 1 or 2 year plan.  The monthly cost is the same for both.  If you complete all your payments you will get AMAZING NCLEX prep plus help in school and content to refer back to on the floor.

Yes.  We’ve helped tens of thousands of nursing students pass the NCLEX – and we can help you. has all the content in a concise way, realistic questions, study tools, and even a simulation NCLEX – save time, energy, and money. 

Enterprise Memberships

Yes, we do offer enterprise level access to schools and hospitals. is used by nursing schools, EKG Tech programs, LPN programs, and other allied health programs. To learn more and get in touch with our enterprise sales team here:

Now, while we offer these memberships – our MAIN focus is the student – so EVERYTHING we do is about ensuring their success . . . and we are really good at that.  But what that does mean is that we do not have a dedicated enterprise sales team. 

At the same time – because works – our product has been used by over 50,000 nursing students via enterprise contracts. 

We’d love to chat:

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