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best comprehensive nclex review book Comprehensive NCLEX Review

Are you ready to pass the NCLEX? Our full-color concise review book with 458 pages, 100 questions, 57 cheatsheets, and 159 images can help.

Nursing Mnemonics

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Mnemonics and memory aids are one of the best ways for students to accelerate their learning.  This book contains 108 mnemonics specifically designed for nurses and nursing students preparing for the NCLEX and who simply want to take their career to the next level. Be patient with yourself and take you time to learn the mnemonics that apply to the material you are currently learning or studying in school. (190 Pages)

Lab Values for Nurses

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Providing comprehensive care for patients requires that all clinicians are competent in the interpretation of laboratory data.    In Lab Values for Nurses, each lab is broken down to provide you with the need to know information: Normal lab ranges, Indications, Description, What would cause increased levels, what would cause decreased levels.  Whether you are a student nurse or an experience this book contains the information you need to know to provide superior patient care. (102 Pages)

140 Meds for Nurses

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Walking into your first pharmacology class is like being dropped off in a foreign land, no idea what anyone was talking about.   This book contains 140 must know meds for the NCLEX and Nursing Pharmacology.  These medications were the most tested.  Each medication is broken down into 7 sections: Generic Name, Trade Name, Indication, Action, Therapeutic Class, Pharmacologic Class, Nursing Considerations. (153 Pages)

Nursing Assessment

8,000+ Sold


The head-to-toe assessment is a fundamental skill in nursing practice and allows the nurse to quickly identify abnormalities in the patient.  Learning to efficiently and quickly complete the exam allows the nurse to understand the patient, their needs, and concerns, and allows the nurse the ability to provide the best possible care.  This book is structured in the recommended order for completing the head-to-toe assessment.  Each section contains a short anatomy section followed by an overview of the assessment technique for the given section.  This is followed by a small sample of the abnormal findings the nurse may identify for that body system. (102 Pages)

Survival Guide for Nurses

8,000+ Sold


Are you a brand or about to finish nursing school and preparing for the NCLEX?  Are you intimidated and just slightly overwhelmed by the stress of starting a new job and learning the culture of nursing?  You’re not alone.  The good news is there are tips and tricks that can help you excel in your career as a nurse.  In this book Jon Haws RN will teach you 50 tips and tricks that you should implement as a new nurse to survive and thrice in your career. (103 Pages)

Nursing Cheat Sheets

8,000+ Sold


At NRSNG we get it… understanding nursing concepts can be difficult.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to carry around a book that’s sol purpose is to break down those tough nursing concepts into concise information?  With the Nursing Cheat Sheets, that is exactly what we’ve done!  76 quick easy to read nursing cheat sheets.  Detailed images and graphs that make learning fun and easy! (100 Pages)

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Hi, I'm Jon Haws RN

In 2013, I graduated nursing school.  I'd be lying if I said that I loved nursing school.  I didn't.  It was hell for me. 

Don't get me wrong.  I loved taking care of patients and I did really well in school. 

But . . . 

The process of nursing school.  The over complication of content.  The enormous amount of unimportant assignments and material I was forced to learn.

It was hell.

In 2014, after working in the Neuro ICU for a year and precepting students and new grads, I realized my experience wasn't unique.  In fact, nursing students all of the the world were having the same struggles I had while in nursing school.

So on October 31, 2014 (seriously) I published the first podcast for simplifying oxygen delivery.  It was a hit.  

Nursing students were starving for an advocate. 

We talk so much about advocating for our patients that we often forget to take care of our own. 

At, we consider the student nurse the future of nursing.  Everything we do is to make the student nurse journey easier, less confusing, and more enjoyable.  

These books cut the clutter and give you the MUST KNOW information.  Enjoy!

Jon Haws RN, BSN