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The worlds' most accurate NCLEX® simulator

SIMCLEX® Is the ONLY Patented computer adaptive NCLEX® simulation, and Will Quickly Get You Comfortable with the Style and Format of the NCLEX®.

Our Famous (Semi-Crazy) 200% NCLEX® Pass Money-Back Guarantee!

If you pass a SIMCLEX® and don’t pass the NCLEX ® we’ll give you a full refund… PLUS that same amount (review Terms of Use for full details).

Walk Out of the NCLEX® Exam Feeling Like You Just Took an Elementary School Spelling Test


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Real-Life NCLEX® Exam Simulator

Truly Adaptive NCLEX® Predictor

SIMCLEX® is 100% fully computer adaptive just like NCLEX®. That means that the test responds to you - every question - every time.

Unlike other "adaptive" exams that just give you 100 questions and rationales (ummm that's not adaptive) and tell you a chance of passing NCLEX® - SIMCLEX® actually adapts on the fly.

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Personalized NCLEX Study Suggestions (just for you!)

Easily review your weakest content areas with personalized study suggestions based on your SIMCLEX results.

The AI reviews test performance and provides study suggestions catered just for you based on your 3 weakest areas on each exam.

Now you can go from testing to fully customized content review in seconds - no books, additional apps, or confusing stats. It's all right here!

Adaptive Testing Algorithm

Unlike other "simulators" that just blast random questions at you, this actually increases and decreases in difficulty, based on which questions you’ve got right and wrong, just like the NCLEX® exam.

75 to 265 Questions, Time Limits, etc.

Just like the NCLEX® exam, SIMLCEX will show you anywhere from 75 questions, to the maximum 265, depending on how well you are scoring. Other simulators just show 75 no matter what. Plus we put the actual time limit on, so you can get a feel for the right tempo.

Thousands of Questions Vetted by Actual Practicing Nurses

All of the thousands of questions in our NCLEX database have been taken and vetted by tens of thousands of nurses all around the world. The more people who take the exams, the smarter SIMCLEX becomes.

Detailed Analysis and Rationales on Past Tests

What good is taking a practice test if you don’t know what you did right and wrong? For every test you complete, we give you a detailed analysis of all the questions you got right and wrong, what the correct answers were, and the rationales behind those questions.

Alternate Format Questions

SIMCLEX will provide you with alternate format questions just like the real thing. SATA and image based questions so there are no surprises.

Know EXACTLY What to Study Next

We take all the stress out of what to review. SIMCLEX automatically reviews your test and suggests content to review based on your performance.


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Try 100% Risk Free

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Our Famous (Semi-Crazy) 200% NCLEX® Pass Money-Back Guarantee!

If you pass a SIMCLEX® and don’t pass the NCLEX ® we’ll give you a full refund… PLUS that same amount (review Terms of Use for full details).


Our users often say that it feels EXACTLY like the NCLEX. While we can’t predict your exact NCLEX experience, we try to give you a simulation experience so you can prepare as best as possible.

YES! By using CAT algorithms, you get to a similar feel to the actual NCLEX. No two tests are EVER the same.

SIMCLEX is a computer adaptive testing software (CAT) NCLEX simulation. Our patent pending software is designed to create an adaptive testing setting. This means that you never get the same test twice. In fact, no two users will ever get the same test . . . it literally adapts to you as you take the test.

No worries. Keep practicing. The purpose of SIMCLEX is to help you feel what the NCLEX is like and help you prepare mentally for the strenuous test. Start by focusing your studies on those areas you missed.