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The most advanced NCLEX® simulation. SIMCLEX® is a patent pending Computer Adaptive NCLEX® Simulator Test - mimicking the same computer adaptive algorithms used on the real NCLEX® exam.

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SIMCLEX® Details

If you are ready to take a practice exam, please have a full few hours set aside to complete the test. We suggest you take the SIMLEX without exiting the test to simulate the real test as close as possible.

You are about to begin a simulation test. Please keep the following things in mind: You May Have:

  • One sheet of blank scratch paper.
  • Two pencils
  • Ear plugs


You may take two fifteen minute breaks during the test. If you choose to exit the exam prior to finishing you will not receive a pass/fail grade nor will your results be available.

Completing the Exam

When your exam is complete (anywhere between 85-150 questions) it will shut off automatically. At that point you will receive a Pass or Fail and will be given the option to review your exam and question report. SIMCLEX® is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) and simulates the nursing boards (NCLEX-RN®) uses similar algorithms the actual nursing boards use (unlike any other NCLEX® prep available). Please set aside time to simulate a true testing environment to give yourself the best feedback possible. We recommend only taking the exam on a computer or laptop, ensuring you have the available time required to complete the exam, and doing all that you can to simulate the actual testing environment. Once you have completed the exam please spend time looking through results and spending most your time on the rationales of the questions you missed.