Help! I Didn’t Get Accepted into Nursing School This Year

rejected from nursing school

You have finished the prerequisites. You are all prepared to start nursing school. It is so exciting! Then, you get the letter. You open it with anticipation and then you read the words, “We regret to inform you that…” Those few words are enough to ruin your day or week or month. You didn’t get it. It sucks! But, it isn’t the end of the world. It may be somewhat of a delay, but don’t worry. You can get back on track. So, what should you do?

  • Step One: Breathe.
  • Step Two: Calm Down.
  • Step Three: Persevere

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That’s a simplified version, but it gets the point across. If you had been setting all of your hopes and dreams on getting into nursing school and then you didn’t, it can feel awful. But, keep this in mind: you can reapply. Just because you didn’t get in right now doesn’t mean you won’t later.

In the meantime, there are quite a few things you can do so that you can make sure you do get into nursing school the next time around.

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Keep in mind that just because you didn’t get into one nursing program doesn’t mean you would be rejected for another. In fact, it is a very good idea to go ahead and apply to more than one school right away. If you have access to the programs, apply for four or five. This way, one rejection will not be that detrimental since you will have other options as well.

This is exactly what I ended up doing. I used a site called when I was searching for a school.

Our situation was unique . . . we were about to have our first child, I was looking for a Second Degree program, and I needed (wanted) out of my job immediately.  With I was able to find a program that fit all of my specifications . . . and the best part is that it’s free.

If you apply to several different nursing schools, then this gives you more chances to get accepted to one of them. If you don’t, not to worry. You have other actions you can take too.

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Become a CNA and Get Experience

Some people have found that becoming a CNA helps. Not only would you be able to continue in the medical field, but you will also be able to get real, hands-on experience so that the next time you try to get into nursing school, you will be even more prepared.

Plus, if you are a CNA, you will at least be bringing in some money while you wait to apply to nursing school again.

Retake a Prerequisite Class or Two and Improve GPA

When you apply to nursing school, they will look at your GPA from prerequisite classes. If your grades were not all that spectacular, then you could improve your chances of getting accepted to school in the future by retaking those prerequisite classes. While that may seem fairly dull or boring, it could mean the difference between getting accepted into nursing school and not.

You don’t necessarily have to do this unless your GPA could use some improvement. But, remember that your GPA matters, so keep that in mind when you are determining how to get accepted next time you apply.

Be Flexible in Timeframes

If you have a very clear idea of when you want to get into nursing school and you aren’t willing to budge on that, well, then you are going to be sorely disappointed. You have to be flexible on your timeframe. You may not get into nursing school right when you apply, but that doesn’t mean you won’t on the next go round.

Don’t assume that you can follow one specific time period and then not have to worry about anything. Just be willing to work with schedules and you will be much better off.

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Do Not Give Up

The most important thing is to remember to persevere. It can be very disappointing when you get that notice that you weren’t accepted, and some people are tempted to just throw their hands in the air and walk away. Do that and you will never accomplish much.

Instead, be willing to keep trying. So many successful people have failed in the beginning, and only through perseverance did they find success. Keep that in mind.

The Six Steps to Get In

Now, if you want to avoid getting denied nursing school, then keep the following six steps in mind. They will make sure you are on the right track:

  • Make sure you have your high school diploma.
  • Do your research on different programs and apply to the ones that make sense for you.
  • Be careful filling out applications. Mistakes on them look bad.
  • Attend nursing information sessions at the schools you want to apply to.
  • Improve your potential by taking the TEAS test. It is a standardized test to assess your basic skills.
  • Take the time to prepare for your entrance interview. Don’t walk in unprepared or you will look unprofessional.

If you don’t get into nursing school, don’t panic and don’t assume all of your dreams are over. Instead, follow through with this information and you will eventually get into a program.

What tips can you share about getting into nursing school?  Share below in the comments!

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