How Erin Passed Her ATI Proctored Exams With

does nrsng work for ati

👩‍⚕️ We are often asked: “How can I use with ATI?”

Great question.

Many nursing students are forced, required,  asked to use ATI through nursing school including end of semester ATI exams ( that have nothing to do with what they are taught BTW).

Obviously, we know how valuable is for the student using ATI, but when Erin (a nursing student and member of reached out back in 2018, to tell us she scored level 3 on EVERY ATI exam using . . . I asked her to share her story and tips.

But first . . . check out her ATI scores after using

does nrsng work for ati

I’d say scoring ALL LEVEL 3s calls for a victory dance

happy victory dance

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📝 Erin’s Story (in her own words)

So, I’m gonna let Erin take it over from here . . .

I began my Nursing journey in Jan 2018. We started with Skills Lab, Fundamentals, Med Surg 1, and Clinicals for Med Surg.

We also were introduced to ATI and informed that by the end of the semester we would be taking our first ATI Proctored Exam for Fundamentals.

I found mid-way into fundamentals, I did the trial and decided to subscribe. I first began with the cheat sheets. I will admit, I didn’t really delve too much into because I was so overwhelmed with the program as a whole to begin with.

I used ATI for the practice tests in the beginning.

The quizzes that were available for me by my school in the Learn tab, the Orientation and Nurse Logic videos and practice questions to begin with ATI also. We had to have 90% on both Practice A and B before taking the final. At the proctored exam I saw a LOT of things that I had not studied. I realized that I was not good at dissecting the question, I could definitely use work in my test taking abilities. I ended up with an 80% (96th Percentile) but ended with a level 2.

After I took that exam, I realized that I needed to begin intentionally using The summer semester was Med Surg 2, Pharmacology, and Med Surg 2 Clinicals.

I began with the Test taking Course on This my friends was the MVP for me. Especially the Note taking , what is NCLEX, and Test taking strategies lessons.

After doing this course, I began to kick myself for not utilizing this in first semester.

The Pharm course I started before taking pharm. I downloaded cheat sheets and once I got the syllabus I began to mark what parts of the pharm course would coincide with my syllabus. The videos on med administration for NG tube, injections, and crushing/cutting were very helpful for Clinicals also. The video worksheets are definitely a bonus. There is so much information and finally learning how to navigate it all and applying it I felt a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders!

By learning good time management and developing a plan, I felt for the first time confident!

Using ATI, we again had to have Pharm A and B with 90% or higher to be able to take the final. We are able to take these exams over and over until we reach the 90 or higher.

The first time I take the exam, I don’t use my ATI book or texts. I give first chance to see how well I do. Once I have the first score, I open up the report to see all of my problem areas. I make a list of everything that I missed using that report and then I went back to to see where those topics were found in the pharm course.

I looked for videos, podcasts, cheat sheets all that related to the topics I missed in ATI. I did this for both test a and b. I used my ATI quizzes for pharm under the learn tab. There was also an ATI pharm flashcard set for $15 that I decided to buy and utilize for each section of meds that we were going over.

At the end of the semester I took the Pharm ATI Proctor and was the only person in my class to score Level 3 with a 76% (97th percentile).

This is where I had my Ah-Ha moment that with ATI works!

Now in my final semester with Peds/OB; Med Surg 3, and a brief Mental Health section, along with 2 clinicals and capstone this was my most difficult semester!

For our last semester, we had to do mental health, med surg, comprehensive, peds, and ob both A and B tests all with 90% or above in order to take the proctored for each one.

Our last proctored exam for ATI is the PN Comprehensive for finals. I started doing the exact same thing as before. Doing the practice tests on ATI, doing the focused review and using those topics to find in Then find the cheat sheets, podcasts, videos, etc to begin to review what I had missed.

Through lectures in each class I used the Note taking technique to begin doing outlines – and began to record lectures to help fill in my outlines at a later time. The Peds milestones outlines were a huge help to fill in during lecture. There are a few things different between PN and RN courses, but I was very thankful to find all that I needed. I just didn’t focus on the extra stuff or information that did not pertain to PN. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with information that I didn’t need to know yet.

With each disease process that I didn’t understand fully, I looked at patho, care plans, mnemonics, cheat sheets to get additional information on that. Using the info from each topic from, I found the same topics in my ATI. Using them both of them together, I was able to grasp and retain information so much better.

The last semester, although being my hardest semester, has been my best semester academically. I am proud to say that using along with ATI I passed my Med Surg with Level 3 (75.6% in the 92nd percentile). Mental health with level 3 (86% and 98th percentile). Maternal/Newborn with level 3 (80% 97th percentile). And Peds Level 3 (86.7% in the 99th percentile).

The tools that are available inside are amazing. This has been my best investment for my education hands down. The books, cheat sheets, must know meds, head to toe assessment ,and so much more! I don’t think I would have made it this far had it not been for Jon Haws is setting up Nursing students like myself for success!

This Works!!

With the only comprehensive ATI left to take, I am using the same methods for that as I used for the others. Also utilizing the RN mentor app from ATI, and NPQ w/ Along with taking all the available quizzes that my school has open for me in ATI also. At the end of the program for me now, it’s questions, questions, questions. Learning how to break down the question, test taking strategies, and understanding the rationales.

Taking NCLEX in a couple weeks. *fingers crossed*


I really want to thank Erin for taking the time to share and being vulnerable with her journey.

Our mission at is to end the nursing shortage.  We want to help you!

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