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The Lab Values Course will help you understand how to interpret some of the most common and most important laboratory values you might see in your patients. We’ll break them down by body system and help you understand how the numbers you see in the chart relate to what’s actually happening to your patient. We’ll even walk you through how to draw blood in the right order and how to easily document lab values on your patient.

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Learning nursing lab values can feel intimidating – but you can do it.  In this course, we cover the MUST know nursing lab values and meanings behind each one to aid you in lab value interpretation.  This will help you to better implement your nursing judgement on the hospital floor and answer those tricky questions on nursing school exams and the NCLEX.

To help you stay organized, we’ve broken the course into several modules based on body system.  Why did we do this?  Well, when we run labs on patients, many times we are looking at specific disease processes in specific body systems.

As you work through the course, we encourage you to watch each video, review the study tools, and take the associated quizzes.