Propofol (Diprivan) Nursing Considerations

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Hey guys, let's talk about the drug propofol also known as dip van. This is an injectable medication, as you can see here. So propofol works as a general an and its pharmacologic class or its chemical effect is a sedative and hypnotic agent propofol produces amnesia, but it doesn't have any pain relief properties. So we use propofol for anesthesia induction, intubation as well as for sedation and guys made. You've heard this before, but it has a white Milky appearance and sometimes it's referred to as milk of amnesia. So the things that we can expect to see with propofol are apnea, bradycardia and high bot tensions, 

A few nursing considerations when administering profile use caution in patients with C V D lipid disorders or increased intercranial pressure, assess your patient's respiratory status, their hemodynamics, as well as their level of sedation when receiving propofol. Now, although I personally have never seen this working in surgery, propofol can cause the urine to have a greenish appearance and it absolutely is necessary that your patient has a patent airway when receiving propofol, make sure your patient knows that propofol can cause pain at the injection site. And it is normal to not remember anything after you receive propofol. Something that anesthesia does in surgery, where I work to relieve that pain at the injection site is inject a little bit of Le Toca first before administering the profil. This seems to help the patients with that burning feeling. Check out our lesson that we have specifically on Liam. Also guys with propofol. Remember this is not treating any pain in the patient. So an analgesic agent should also be used because the patient will not be able to report this when receiving propofol that's it for propofol or dip van now go out and be your best self today. And as always happy nursing.
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