06.04 Drawing Up Meds

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In this video we’re going to look at the proper technique for drawing up medications out of a vial.
Of course your very first step is to calculate the required volume of medication needed. In this case, let’s say you need 2 mL of the medication.
Now you will pick your syringe, in this case a 3 mL syringe is perfect. Then you’ll attach a blunt tip needle to the syringe.
Remove the lid from the vial, and clean the top with an alcohol pad
Now, since these vials are vacuum sealed, you have to replace the volume you want to remove with air first. So draw up air in your syringe equal to the volume of medication required.
Then, insert the needle/syringe through the rubber stopper and inject the air into the vial.
Now you can invert the vial and slowly draw up the med to the prescribed volume. Carefully not to draw it up too quickly or you’ll get air bubbles.
Take the needle out of the vial and flick or tap the syringe as needed to remove any air bubbles. Sometimes I’ll use a pen to help save my fingers!
Now, to proceed with administration, you have to remove the blunt tip needle. You can do that by carefully twisting it off from the base OR by safely recapping it with the scoop technique. Then throw it in the sharps container

Now that you have your med drawn up, you can immediately move to administering it based on whatever the route is. IF you aren’t going to administer it right away, you MUST label the syringe with the drug, dose, and date/time/initials.

Check out the specific route administration videos for details on how to give IV push, IM, or SubQ injections. Now, go out and be your best selves today. And, as always, happy nursing!
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