Kristen Salisbury, RN, BSN

Kristen Salisbury has been a registered nurse for 3 years now. She has her bachelor's and associate's degree in nursing. Kristen has experience in Neuro PCU, Cardiothoracic Telemetry, and currently works as a Clinical Quality Nurse Specialist (CQSN) specializing in PAH and PF patients working from home. Aside from working full time, Kristen also hosts her own podcast, "The Nurse Kristen Podcast", has her YouTube channel, "The Nurse Kristen YouTube Channel", owns an online shop, "Aspen & Ash Boutique", runs an Instagram page for pre-nursing, nursing students, and new grad nurses as a nursing mentor, and is a blogger. She lives in San Tan Valley, AZ. She enjoys meditation, yoga, hiking, cooking, working out, and spending time with her family and friends.

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