2018 Year in Review

year end review

2018 was an insanely busy year for us here at NRSNG as we’ve been hard at work serving and supporting the growing NRSNG Family.

I wanted to take a minute and share with y’all some of the goings on here at NRSNG.

First, here are a couple “stats” or high level numbers that demonstrate the amazing growth of the NRSNG Family.




While these numbers are always fun to look at, they don’t really show WHAT we’ve been doing or HOW the NRSNG Family is growing.   So let me dive into that just a bit here.

NRSNG Academy 2.0

The biggest project of the year was the launch of NRSNG Academy 2.0 (that’s what we call it around here).  While the “old” Academy was helpful, we knew that we could do more to help nursing students . . . in January 2018, we hired Dan Jones, M.Ed. PMP our Director of Engineering and Nichole Weaver, MSN/Ed, RN, CCRN to work alongside myself to begin the process of creating the best place for nurses to learn.  At the outset, I thought this would be a quick and easy project . . . we ended up launching the new Academy in July 2018 with great response from the NRSNG Family.

Growing, Growing, Growing


To provide the best solution for students, we have to hire the best people . . . in 2018, we hired a total of 8 new NRSNG-ers.  Our team now spreads across 6 countries and I’ve had such an amazing time getting to know and hire people with just as much passion for helping nursing students as myself.

The NRSNG “Texas Team”



I had the truly incredible experience of being able to travel and speak at nursing conferences in Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, New York, Illinois, Kentucky, California, and Washington . . . wow . . . this was truly one of the most AMAZING things I’ve ever be able to do.  Meeting nursing students all over the country and sharing stories, successes, and struggles was so inspiring and humbling.  I love you all so much.


We hosted our first ever live event here in DFW in June and chose to call it NRSNG Live.   Over 120 nursing students came out to spend the day with us and learn from the talented NRSNG educators on topics like Pharmacology, Test Taking, and Confidence.   In 2019, we are planning to host another NRSNG Live event here in DFW again.


In July 2018, we launched the first version of the NRSNG Academy mobile app which allows members of NRSNG Academy to access their lessons, study tools, and review questions anytime, anywhere . . . non members can access our bank of NCLEX review questions. NRSNG Academy app was well received in the app stores and currently is sitting as the #48 Medical App in iTunes

We also released an updated version of the Scrubcheats app in 2018 with new and updated cheatsheets and several expansion packs.

In early 2019 we have another app preparing to release, so if you are reading this after January 2019, be sure to head over to an app store and search for NRSNG.

nrsng app

New Office

At the very end of 2017, we leased our very first office space . . . it was pretty scary.  Up until that point, we had always worked remotely from our home. So leasing an office was a bit scary.  However, by March of 2018, we were leasing our second office space to make room for all the new employees.  With our focus on growing the NRSNG Family and helping as many nursing students as possible it has been incredible to see our team grow to support the Family.


Honestly, I’ve been a bit lazy with the podcast lately.  I WANT to be recording more and I’m working to make more time to put into the podcast.  I love podcasts, they are such a great way to connect with people.  In 2019, you can expect to see more podcast episodes coming out.  In 2018, the podcast was listened to about 2,800,000 times.  To see that number and think about how just amazing that is . . . the NRSNG Family is such an amazing group of nurses and nursing students working to end the nursing shortage and improve the way nurses are taught.  To those who listen to the show; THANK YOU!


I grew a pretty huge beard . . . I always wanted to try having a large beard.  In the end, it was just too much to control and I cut it off.  But I’m pretty happy with how long I let it go . . . lol


We redid our top nursing school books . . . editing, formatting, and graphics.  In fact, we even released audiobooks for the most helpful NRSNG books.  This was a BIG job and in fact, we ended up unpublishing 7 or so of our books that didn’t provide enough value to nursing students taking the total number of books we have down to just 6 . . . The decision to do this was hard, but in the end, it came down to providing the NRSNG Family with the BEST not the MOST . . . we believe strongly in the 80/20 principle here at NRSNG meaning to focus on the most impactful material rather than ALL the material.  Reducing the number of books and making each one better and more helpful was important to that.


Ever since stating NRSNG back in 2014 and the NRSNG Academy in 2016, my goal was always to “change nursing education forever” . . . I didn’t know what that meant at the time, but I knew that something had to change.  In 2018, we adjusted our company vision to be:



I now know that is possible — honestly, when I said in 2014 that I wanted to “change nursing education forever” I thought it was an impossible goal . . . today . . . I KNOW it is possible and I know that NRSNG and the incredible NRSNG Family WILL in fact end the nursing shortage.

Thank you for being a part of this family and for joining along for the ride.  I love you guys! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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