2019 Year In Review

year end review

I said that 2018 was an incredibly busy year . . . if that’s the case, than 2019 was a whirlwind of a year.  We’ve been so busy the past year working to grow and take care of the amazing NURSING FAMILY.

I want to just take a quick minute to share some of the goings on here at NRSNG/NURSING.com over the last year.

You can read the previous yearly reviews here: 2018

First, here are a couple high level numbers that demonstrate the amazing growth of the NRSNG/NURSING Family.

2019 year in review

While these numbers are fun to look at, they don’t really show HOW we are growing, so let me dive in to some of the projects we’ve been working on.


Perhaps the biggest undertaking of the year was the rebranding of NRSNG to NURSING.com.  In March we purchased the domain NURSING.com and kept it pretty quiet until December when we announced that NRSNG was becoming NURSING.com in January 2020.  This has been a HUGE undertaking for our team and we are so excited for January.

New Platform

In March of 2019 we launched a new and vastly improved NRSNG Academy platform.  We spent months talking to users and listening to their struggles.  After a lot of long nights and many Uber Eats orders of Panda Express, it was finally ready to share with the Family.

Our goal has always been to make learning nursing enjoyable and the new platform was a HUGE step in the right direction with the average user stating that they save 4+ hours of study time per week.


In June, we held our second annual NRSNG Live conference.  Each year we host a conference in Allen, TX for NRSNG users.  It is such an amazing time to meet everyone.  We call it the NRSNG Family reunion . . .  I guess Nursing Family Reunion soon.

This year, about 250 nursing students from all over the country arrived .  .  . we laughed, we cried, and left super motivated.  It is one of my favorite times of year!

nrsng live

Growing Team

Our team is continuing to grow.  We hired several incredible new team members to support our engineering, marketing, support, and curriculum teams.  Each of the new team members has such a deep passion for nurses and nursing students.

nrsng team

New Office

In 2018, we had our team split between two offices within the same complex.  During the fall of 2019, we were able to get us all into the same office space.  It been really nice having everyone so close.


I was able to travel and speak at several nursing conferences again this year.  I always love meeting students throughout the country and it’s so fun to share our story.

My favorite event was one down in Austin because I was able to bring my children with me.  They helped work at the booth and handed out stickers to all the nursing students.  It was really special to share that with them and show them what I do all day . . . plus I think they look really cute in their NRSNG shirts.

nrsng conference


2019 has been such a fun and busy year – looking back it’s hard to realize how much we’ve been able to do.  We love you all so much and look forward to an incredible 2020.


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