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Hemodynamic Parameters (CVP, PAWP, CO, and more awesome acronyms) (cardiac)

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Hemodynamics can be tough. . . simply because there are so many interdependent factors that a nurse needs to know.

In this episode I share some of the KEY parameters the nurse should know as well as provide a free download of a hemodynamics cheat sheet.

Free Download:

Hemodynamics Cheat Sheet

Must Know Values:

  • Cardiac Output (CO): 4-8 L/min
  • Stroke Volume (SV): 60-120 mL/beat
  • Central Venous Pressure (CVP): 2-6 mmHg
  • PAOP: 8-12 mmHg
  • Systemic Vascular Resistance (SVR): 800-1400

More discussed in episode . . . we also talk about how to manipulate each of these values and what conditions might alter a specific value.

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