ARC Nursing Program: An Indepth Review

If you’re reading this, it means you’re taking the time to gather as much information as you can about different institutes. This Nursing School review will help you understand more about American River College (ARC Nursing Program). Let’s dive in.

American River College (ARC Nursing Program)

American River College (ARC) is a State-funded community college that has helped thousands of students gain the knowledge they need to succeed in life…

It’s located in the suburbs of Sacramento… ARC admits 30000 students in spring and fall, making it one of California’s largest and most notable education institutes.

The college is on a 153 acre old Cameron ranch and opened its doors as the 61st California junior college in 1955.

In 1965, the school became part of Los Rios Community College District and changed its name from Grant Union Junior College to American River College.

Over the years, the college has gone through significant transformations and innovations that have enabled it to transfer students to UC Davis and CSU Sacramento, and other notable institutions in the region.

The Allied Health Nursing Center, American River College, has also undergone design transformations that enable the faculty to keep up with the technology and innovation demands.

American River College Address

  •         Location- Main campus located in the suburbs of Sacramento
  •         Address-  4700 College Oak Drive, Sacramento, CA 95841 Phone Number-  +1 916-484-8011
  •         Enrollment Status- over 30000 students from different parts of the world.
  •         New Enrollments- Every spring and fall

Programs Offered at American River College

ARC offers a range of academic programs that enable students to choose whatever suits them best in life.

Some of the programs include bachelor in arts and sciences, certificates, associates in science degree, transfer to four-year schools, including UC Davis and CSU Sacramento.

In addition, the college has community support that is always willing to give back to society.

Campus Life at American River College Nursing Program

ARC has numerous facilities that aid students with their goals. The college is equipped with office buildings, science and computer laboratories, libraries that have thousands of books for onsite research.

The campus has a fully-equipped fitness center, students can access when on the campus…

In addition, there are on-campus restaurants and cafeterias where every student can get a hot meal for the day…

The college is also surrounded by many major corporations that enable students to acquire experience while still in school.

ARC Nursing Program

If you’re like me, NURSING is something you’ve always wanted to pursue but was unsure of where to start or how to go about it…

Here is some information about the American River College Nursing Program.

The Allied Health Nursing Program at ARC offers a mix of general education and nursing courses and related laboratory experience to prepare students for entry into the profession of nursing.

The program, accredited by the CALIFORNIA STATE BOARD OF REGISTERED NURSING, offers a certificate in general nursing or an associate degree upon its completion.

The program follows guidelines set by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC).

American River College is authorized to offer the program as part of its Allied Health curriculum.

The American River College Nursing Program will prepare you for a rewarding career in nursing. A few courses that will help you excel include traditional classes such as:

  • LPN, which enables you to transition into ADN
  • Adult growth and development
  • Pathophysiology and pharmacology
  • Medical terminology and nutrition
  • Ethical aspects of nursing
  • Nursing Lab Experience at ARC Nursing Program

In addition, some non-traditional classes will aid your career paths, such as sanitation and safety procedures.

ARC offers firsthand experience on how the environment is like once you’re a nurse.

The Allied Health Department has facilities for students to learn about proper hygiene and confidentiality that are key in the medical industry.

Students learn how to maintain proper sanitation, deal with patients, and lab procedures such as blood extraction when needed.

Additionally, you get to feel and gain experience working in the local agencies’ laboratories.

What ARC Says About the Program

Arc indicates that it receives more applications than it can accept into the program… However, with 70 points or more, you’re placed in the selection pool for prescreening.

The curriculum is a two-year program with four semesters. There are two application periods yearly where students enroll for spring and fall semesters.

You’re required to attend morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend clinical experiences, but the schedule can change.

To progress in your nursing career, you need a grade of C or better. You can constantly reapply during the next semester when you don’t get picked.

Tuition for the ARC Nursing Program

Currently, it will cost you approximately $2800 for startup programs. Additional costs and provisions include:

  • Uniforms
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Laboratory fees
  • Required equipment
  • Transportation to off-campus laboratories
  • $475.00 to take the R.N. LICENSURE EXAM

Because the college is state-funded, after a successful application, you can fill the free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application (CADAA) to get a grant or scholarship opportunity.

The amount you pay varies depending on the course of study and whether you’re receiving fee waivers for certain classes…

Additionally, if your family is low-income, you may be eligible for more grant money by filling out the FAFSA form. Doing so will ensure that there are no gaps in your education because of financial problems.

ARC Nursing program is recognized by the California Board of Registered Nursing, which means you can sit for the RN-NCLEX exam after graduating from your program….

There are various avenues to explore once you get your degree in nursing. You can always go back to school to finish BSN or a higher degree if you’re already a nurse…

Some students take other certifications such as clinical, IV therapy, and EKG to broaden their career options.

Nursing School Reviews — What ARC Nursing Students Think of the School

Some of the communication between students online:

From Allnurses

MichaelsMAMA Feb 10, 2021

Has anyone else submitted their apps for SCC or ARC for fall 2021? I submitted my SCC packet last week and ARC the other day. I was hoping my online app status would change to received, but it still says submitted 

Reply to MichaelsMAMA by Danielle Roberson on Feb 12

Hello! I submitted mine the first week of February, and SCC and ARC just changed to received yesterday! 

MichaelsMAMA Update on the thread Feb 12

Mine did too!! Whew! Thank goodness! Good luck to you! Hopefully, they keep them updated frequently

Tanya D 14 Reply

I sent my ARC and SCC packet on 2/13. ARC changed to receive on 2/23. SCC still says submitted.

HoneycrispAC Feb 24

I mailed in my SCC and ARC packets 2/20 through USPS requiring a signature for both, and I’m dropping off my Sierra College app in person next. It is my third year applying to SCC and ARC, the second year for Sierra, and I’ve applied to a school in SoCal 2 years before that before moving up here, though to be fair, my application wasn’t the greatest for those first two tries, and the highest points selected it. I feel silly to say it, but I am hopeful that this round will finally bring acceptance. We’ll see how it goes! Good luck, everyone!

sam1798 Apr 21

For those of you accepted, just curious how many times you’ve previously applied?

Tanya D Replied to Sam1798

Second time to ARC and first time to SCC


Posted by /floating

Somewhat an embarrassing question for anyone familiar with the classrooms at American River College!

Hey – I’m currently on a bit of a weight loss journey. Last semester was my first at ARC, and I found the chairs in Davies Hall quite uncomfortable for me (you know, the ones with the chair attached to the desk).

 I’m wondering if the chairs are different, specifically in the Fine Arts building and the Arts & Science building (I think that’s what it’s called?

Those two buildings that are near those big parking lots). Do they have dis-attached chairs in those buildings?

I can specify the actual classroom numbers if needed. Thank you to anyone who can give me some insight.

Replied by LiveRent38

If you’re talking about the art class and science class chairs, then they are stools. Your back would hurt so bad


99% sure they are tables and chairs in those buildings. I wouldn’t say I liked the desks with attached chairs.

What Do These Conversations Say?

As you probably know, the best way to learn about a place is from reviews and opinions from people who have been there…

Going through reviews and forums lets you paint the right picture or get an idea of the place.

When reading these conversations, you can see the main concerns for current students…

Some things like seats you wouldn’t think about until you attend classes. Other things to note are:

  • You can never be too sure of admission. Even the school confesses that it gets more applicants than it can admit per semester.
  • It’s possible to apply more than two times without getting selected, but you shouldn’t give up because you don’t know when you’ll be lucky

From the conversations, it’s pretty apparent that COVID-19 messed the admission process with fewer candidates getting selected for the course

However, it is easy to tell that it’s a preferred education institute by many.

Also, your concerns will sometimes not be nursing program-related but comfort, convenience, and the atmosphere.

As you’ll realize, there are challenges you have to deal with even after admission…

As the semester rolls by, you’ll realize there are many decisions to make… a timetable to work on, and many new things to adapt to….

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As you will realize:

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Without a support system, it can be overwhelming. I have been there, done that…

With so many learning models to choose from, the pressure to pass exams and retain information is immense.

With this comes the pressure to live a balanced life and take care of yourself while you’re studying hard.

Many students who’ve approached for help confessed that they were stressed out, struggling to keep up with the nursing program demands, cried every day, and felt like giving up…

Despite spending many hours studying, their grades were not what they expected. Many students admitted that the lack of structure, direction, and effective study materials were significant reasons for their stress.

Many felt like they were sinking into quicksand….

They tried many options such as… — their professors’ PowerPoints, textbooks, YouTube, apps, social “influencers,” but still, nothing changed.

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