An Overview of Delgado Charity School of Nursing

Charity School of Nursing

Delgado Charity School is one of the most popular nursing schools in New Orleans, Louisiana.

It was founded in 1894 and has since grown to enroll thousands of nursing students every year.

If you plan to join the Delgado Charity School of nursing, it’s vital that you understand the school well to make informed decisions.

Here, we take you through the schools’ vital aspects, including the following:

  • Address
  • A brief history overview
  • Programs and admission requirements
  • Tuition
  • Learning resources

Read on to learn more.


The main address of Delgado charity school is… 450 SOUTH CLAIBORNE AVENUE.

Online classes are available to those who can’t access the schools’ physical location.

A Brief History Overview

Charity School of Nursing was initially started to offer diploma programs only.

It was formed in a collaborative agreement between the Charity Hospital New Orleans board of administrators, the Louisiana state government, and St. Vincent De Paul charity hospital.

The first class had only 11 students, who took two years to complete the course.

The school later expanded the diploma program duration to 3 years in 1915 to expand medical knowledge and the duties of the nurses.

During the Second World War, the Charity School of Nursing managed to enroll 760 student nurses, which was the LARGEST ENROLLMENT in the country!

The college continued to expand progressively until 1989, when the officials noted a shortage of nurses.

In the same year, Charity School of Nursing announced the introduction of an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), meant to curb the then nationwide shortage of nurses.

A Degree Program in Charity School Of Nursing

The degree program was officially started in 1991, and its duration was two years.

The community received the program well, as more than 200 students would enroll for the course every year.

The school has grown extensively since then, as the current nursing school OCCUPIES 200,000 SQUARE FEET.

The school is well equipped with medical training facilities, classrooms, human patient simulator labs, a library, video classrooms, a computer center, and much more.

Also, hundreds of qualified nurses graduate each year from the institution.

Programs Offered and the Basic Requirements

Charity School of Nursing offers a vibrant environment to learn and teach. Currently, the school provides training in 18 qualifications.

The common reviewed programs are:

  • Practical nursing
  • Registered nursing
  • Certified nursing
  • LPN to RN options

Program 1: Practical Nursing

This program prepares aspiring nurses to be Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN).

LPN works closely under the supervision of a registered nurse.

The primary role of a practical nurse is to monitor a patient, bathe them, clean them and monitor their health.

Students who undertake this program spend nearly 50% of their time acquiring clinical experience.

By the end of this program, the graduates should understand the primary duties and adhere to the basic legal rules for nurses.

Minimum Requirements

To meet the admission requirements for practical nursing programs, applicants should:

  • Be high school graduates
  • Be a U.S resident, or show proof of permanent residency in the United States
  • Have a minimum Institutional (DCC) GPA of 2.0 for college work done
  • Be ready and eligible to take the ENGL 101 and MATH 120 before the application date
  • Undertake the Kaplan Pre-Nursing Exam and achieve the following: Maths 70% or more, reading 68%, and writing 60%.
  • The applicant should do a science section test, although there are no minimum requirements
  • Submit a complete application package

Usually, practical nursing students accomplish the course in 16 months.

For more information about the practical nursing program in Charity School of Nursing, click here.

Program 2: Registered Nursing (RN)

Are you planning to become a registered nurse? Charity School of Nursing offers a registered nursing course.

Registered nurses are medical experts who provide hands-on care of multiple health duties.

The primary role of an RN is to educate patients and the public on numerous illnesses.

This program equips students with both social and natural sciences to help them understand the various settings of a patient.

By the end of the program, graduates should know how to UTILIZE TECHNOLOGY IN NURSING and have basic practical and ethical nursing knowledge.

Basic Requirements

Charity School of Nursing requires interested students to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Have a high school diploma
  • Complete developmental studies
  • Pass the pre-nursing exam
  • Have an average GPA of 2.5 for general courses in the nursing curriculum
  • Complete the following courses… MATH 128, ENGL 101, ENGL 10 or BIOL 251, MATH 130 and 253.
  • Successfully submit the application package

RN course takes an average of 2 and half years.

For more details about the RN program in the Charity School of Nursing, click here.

Program 3: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

A Certified nursing assistant helps patients with the primary care duties under the supervision of a registered nurse.

This program equips students with BASIC HEALTHCARE INFORMATION, including infection control, body structure, and general nursing skills.

The program also equips graduates with basic job-hunting skills to help them sell their skills well in the highly competitive market.

Students who successfully finish this program sit for a certification exam offered by the Prometric Testing Center.

Basic Requirements

Charity School of Nursing requires applicants to meet the following basic requirements:

  • Be 16 years and above
  • Have a high school diploma or an equivalence of high school education
  • Pass the statewide Criminal Background Check
  • Understand the technical aspects of the programs and adhere to them

Learn more about the Certified Nursing Assistant program in the charity school of nursing.

LPN-RN Option

Are you a licensed practical nurse looking forward to becoming a registered nurse?

Charity School of Nursing helps LPNs to advance their careers to RN by offering multiple learning courses.

Here are the four main program options that the institution offers:

  • PN-RN Transition option
  • Credit examination
  • A generic completion of the entire curriculum
  • Advanced pavement for students who accomplish the general learning program less than a year

For detailed information about the LPN-RN Option in the Charity School of Nursing, check here.

Tuition at Charity School Of Nursing

Delgado Charity School of Nursing offers training in 18 qualifications.

Time to complete these qualifications ranges from 16 HOURS TO 4 YEARS+, depending on the exact program a student undertakes.

According to the qualifications, the tuition costs range from $185 TO $10,000, and the median tuition fee is $6000.

Every program has unique application requirements, as discussed above.

However, the Louisiana State Board of Nursing (LSBN) should approve all enrollments for the clinical nursing courses.

The approval involves a background check to determine the criminal history of the applicant.

You can visit the LSBN website to learn more about the delay or denial of the licensure for nursing students applicants.

Learning Resources in Charity School of Nursing

Learning resources are incredibly important to nursing courses. These resources facilitate the learning process and improve the experience.

Charity School of Nursing has heavily invested in valuable modern resources to help equip students with the best nursing skills.

Here are the most notable resources that you will find in this institution:

Modern and Spacious Library

Charity school of nursing has an extensive modern library equipped with books, journals, computers, magazines, and other learning materials.

The computers are fast and provide students with quick access to eBooks and online databases.

Besides the resources, the library is well partitioned to create room for collaborative groups who might need to discuss.

The library management is well organized and uses an automated catalog system to monitor the entire college library system.

Computer Lab

Students don’t have to go to the library to access computers!

Charity School of Nursing has a modern computer lab specially meant for students interested in using computers instead of books.

Each computer has a RELIABLE INTERNET CONNECTION and contains all MS applications.

What’s more…? Wireless technology in the lab encourages students to carry their laptops to the lab and enjoy a fast and speedy wifi connection.

Skills Lab

Nursing is all about acquiring the right skills for a healthcare setting.

Charity School of Nursing understands this, and that’s why it has a FUNCTIONAL SKILLS LAB with multiple clinical setting tools.

The skills lab contains anatomical models and full-body manikins to help students learn clinical procedures effectively.

The lab is WELL MAINTAINED, and all students can access it provided they adhere to the lab rules and requirements.

Human Patient Simulators

Charity School of Nursing understands the importance of tech tools in today’s era, and that’s why it offers up-to-date learning tools such as the human learning stimulator.

A human patient simulator is a human-like manikin that reacts physiologically, just like an actual patient.

The manikin allows nursing students to better understand the human body system and how a patient reacts in different environmental conditions.

Human stimulators are kept in a lab in the charity school of nursing, which resembles the real-life hospital setup.

With the help of these simulators, nursing students get to understand real-life patients better to provide the best services.

Media Services

Nursing students often need to create videos to show their presentations or learn from videos. They can only achieve this when a school has a reliable medical service.

Charity School of Nursing boasts of a well-equipped media service department that helps students with hard copy presentations and digital video creation tools.

Helpful tools in the media service department include flat-panel TVs, data projectors, computers, and many more.

Despite the tools, the media service team supports students to learn and grow their talents.

Student Registration at Charity School Of Nursing

Charity School of Nursing has an active STUDENT PORTAL where students log in to access the school’s services.

If you meet your course requirements and accomplish the admission process, you will sign up for Delgado’s online student portal.

You can view the login instructions and other details here.

Charity School of Nursing regularly updates students about the exams, opening and closing dates, finances, program change, and other things through the portal.

Students can also add programs, drop some, or withdraw from college using the students’ portal.

School Reviews

Overall, most students say the school performance is excellent, although there are a few complaints.

Here are the main reviews we noted at

  • Affordable tuition
  • Positive learning environment
  • Cooperative tutors
  • Helpful career preparation

You should always check the nursing school reviews to make the right decisions.

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