Cranial Nerves and Coffee (Cranial Nerves Mnemonic)


I’m going to break down all twelve cranial nerves in relation to something we all understand, ordering coffee at Starbucks!

But first . . . here is a helpful mnemonic to remember the cranial nerves (plus I put some lessons below to continue learning):

mnemonic on cranial nerves

Cranial Nerves and Coffee . . .

As nurses, we LOVE coffee.  This cranial nerves mnemonic follows the process of ordering coffee. As you walk into the coffee shop, see, smell, order, taste . . . you actually use ALL of your cranial nerves.

Don’t believe me?  Read the mnemonic below.

I. When you first walk in and smell the coffee aroma you’re using the Olfactory nerve.

II. You walk inside and begin to read the menu from about 20 feet away you’re now using the Optic nerve.

III. You try to focus your eyes causing your pupils to constrict as you scan the pastries and other options closer you’re using your Oculomotor nerve.

IV. You use your Trochlear nerve as you look up at salesperson then down at your money to pay.

V. You clench your teeth and touch your face when they called your drink using your Trigeminal nerve.

VI. You use your Abducens nerve while looking side-to-side to see if anyone else has ordered the same drink as you.

VII. You smile because you realize this IS your drink using your Facial nerve.

VIII. You hear someone say “You can sit here, we are leaving” using your Auditory nerve as you settle into your seat.

IX. You use your Glossopharyngeal nerve to taste the sweet whipped cream on the top of your drink.

X. You say “Ahhhh this is good!” using your Vagus nerve.

XI. You look at the person next to you because they heard you and then you shrug your shoulders using your Spinal Accessory nerve.

XII. And lastly you use your Hypoglossal nerve to stick your tongue out at them as they look away.

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04.06 Cranial Nerves

cranial nerves cheatsheet
By Brain_human_normal_inferior_view_with_labels_en.svg: *Brain_human_normal_inferior_view.svg: Patrick J. Lynch, medical illustratorderivative work: Beaoderivative work: Dwstultz (talk) – Brain_human_normal_inferior_view_with_labels_en.svg, CC BY 2.5,

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic

Oh Oh Oh To Touch And Feel Very Good Velvet AH!














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