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Dopamine (Intropin )

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What is the Generic Name for Intropin?


What is the Trade Name for Dopamine?


What are the Indications of Dopamine (Intropin )?

  • Used to improve blood pressure
  • Cardiac output
  • And urine output

What are the Actions of Dopamine (Intropin )?

Smaller doses result in renal vasodilation

Doses 2-10mcg/kg/min result in cardiac stimulation by acting on beta1 receptors

Doses >10mcg/kg/min stimulate alpha receptors leading to vasoconstriction (↑SVR)

What is the Therapeutic Class of Dopamine (Intropin )?

Inotropic, vasopressor

What is the Pharmacologic Class of Dopamine (Intropin )?


What are the Nursing Considerations of Dopamine (Intropin )?

  • Monitor hemodynamics closely: BP, HR, EKG, CVP, and PAOP if available
  • Obtain parameters for hemodynamic values
  • Titrate to obtain appropriate BP (more potent vasoconstrictors may be required)
  • Irritation may occur at IV site
  • Beta blockers may counteract therapeutic effects

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