Ep268: It’s Coming Next Week

Next week on July first 2018 the new NRSNG Academy is going live. What does this mean? If you’re a current NRSNG Academy member you’re going to be automatically grandfathered in. No changes for you whatsoever. No changes to payment, all your payments count towards lifetime membership. All of that good stuff, so let me just get that stuff out of the way. If you haven’t signed up for the NRSNG Academy yet, you can go to NRSNG.com/academy and you can put your name there on a wait list so that when we go live next week, on July first, you will be the first to know.

Why should you use the NRSNG Academy? You can find out more information about that at NRSNG.com/academy but let me tell you one thing, and this is going to sound crazy but I promise, in just 28 seconds we can change your entire nursing school experience. Within the NRSNG Academy not only do we have an enormous mountain of content crafted by skilled nurse educators who embrace the NRSNG values. But we also have customized study plans built for you. Now when I say built for you, I don’t mean you as a student population, I mean you individually who’s listening to my voice right now. In 28 seconds you can build a customized study plan and from there our proprietary algorithms take care of the rest, do the heavy lifting and give you exactly what you need to know in multiple learning styles. So that you can master the content you need to know, and this is super meta based on nursing concepts. Based on the information that you’re learning at this moment.

This is the most revolutionary nursing education platform ever. This isn’t a small change in the NRSNG Academy, everything is changing. Inside there you have your dashboard that’s personalized just to you, no one else will have the same dashboard as you. How cool is that? The dashboard is customized to you, to your learning needs, to what you need to know. Then we have our library that has 10 different study tools, pneumonic cheat sheets, flash cards, case studies, audio data base, image data base. Everything that you need in any learning style to master content, including a bookshelf with five of our best books written by NRSNG on meds, pharma, pneumonic, assessment.

Then you have the courses, inside the courses we have HD on demand videos that you can watch at different speeds. Watch when you want, watch where you want, watch how you want. From there all the study material that you need to know is linked to it as well, so you have an outline, you have a transcript. But then inside there you have questions based on that exact topic. You have cheat sheets, pneumonic, all those video guides, everything is tied directly into that lesson. So that you can study as you’re watching the video, or you can view those things separately, but you can also view them as you’re watching the video.

Then we have our testing center that has questions built around your study plan. No one else is going to have the same questions delivered to them where you can see the questions that need to be mastered. See the questions that you need to continue to study, maybe areas that you’re weak in. But we also have NCLEX, which is a computer adaptive implex simulation test. It doesn’t just deliver you 75 questions, or 265 questions it is computer adaptive as you take the test. So no one will ever get the same test as you. Then we also have MPQ, which is our database of 4500 questions divided up in 21 categories. So you can take a test based on what you need to know.

Do you see how this hand crafted for you? We’re not going to put in you something, teach you a trade to make decisions and say, okay now take this for three months and then we’re going to kick you out. Like some test companies do. We’re not a test prep company, we’re changing nursing education and everything in here is built for you. You, you, you, not all students, not every student, but you. You get to have control over what you learn and we do the heavy work of making sure you’re learning what you need to know. You guys, I’m so beyond excited about this, I know I sound super intense but I’m so excited about this. It’s such an incredible change. We’ve had amazing feedback from our beta testers, from our team here. This is everything built from the ground up. Completely customized to change the way you learn so you’re not wasting time. You’re not feeling overwhelmed, you’re not juggling everything. You’re not stressed about your grades. You’re not stressed about clinical. That you can get in there, study, master the material and move on.

Alright guys I just want to let you know next week July first, the NRSNG Academy is going live. Alright I hope to see you on in the inside, with that said, go out and be your best self today. Happy nursing.

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