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Fetal Acceleration (VEAL CHOP) OB Nursing

veal chop ob nursing mnemonic

VEAL CHOP (OB Nursing Mnemonic)


Variable – Cord Compression

Early – Head Compression

Accelerations – Okay

Late – Placental Insufficiency

I have to be honest here . . . OB Nursing was NEVER an interest of mine even before nursing school.  While I really enjoyed the rotation and feel fortunate to have seen several live births, it’s just not for me.

Because of this, it was always harder for me to feel motivated to study for OB so I ended up relying on mnemonics a bit to stay focused.  VEAL CHOP is such a helpful mnemonic that will keep fetal accelerations and decelerations clear in your mind.

What we are trying to understand with this mnemonic is when to be concerned while monitoring the fetal heart rate.  Watch the video above and download the sheet below to help you keep it straight.

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Podcast Transcription

Alright, I’m gonna be talking about the mnemonic to remember fetal accelerations and decelerations. So, in a fetal acceleration is an abrupt increase of fetal heart rate above the established baseline. The deceleration is a decrease in fetal heart rate below the established fetal heart rate baseline. So, a way to remember this is with the mnemonic VEAL CHOP. So, VEAL CHOP. But if you can picture looking at your piece of paper and having VEAL, VEAL going down the left side, and CHOP next to it on the right side going down. So, the V and the C are next to each other, the E and H are next to each other, A and O, L and P. So, the V for VEAL equals variable, the math coincides with the C, which can indicate Cord Compression. Then E – Early coincides with the H, for Head Compression. The A coincides with the O, and A – Accelerations are Okay. And the L coincides with the P. L – Late, P – Placenta insufficiency.


So, let’s go through that one more time. VEAL CHOP. V – Variable, C- Cord Compression, E – Early, H – Head Compression, A – Accelerations, O – Okay, L – Late, P – Placenta insufficiency. So, that’s how you remember VEAL CHOP.


This has been another episode of the nursing mnemonics podcast by with your host, Katie Kleber, RN, CCRN. To grab all of our cheat sheets, head over to That’s Thank you so much for being here today. We love you guys. We thank you so much. We want to see you guys succeed. Listen, we’re all in this together. Now, go out and be your best self today. Happy Nursing.

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