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What Was it Like to be a Nurse During Hurricane Harvey? Nurse Erika Share Her Story

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When a natural disaster strikes, patients don’t magically stop being sick.  I am honored to share the story of Erika RN BSN, who stayed in the hospital 108 hours during Hurricane Harvey providing care for her patients.

I am honored to count myself among the ranks of such amazing nurses.

We all know, going into nursing, that we will care for patients selflessly.  The #harveynurses exemplify what it means to be a nurse so perfectly.

If you are wondering how you can help with the aftermath, we wrote a post about it here.

I want to express a sincere thank you to those nurses who so bravely and selflessly represented nurses during the storm and now, throughout the cleanup.

Our goal at NRSNG has always been to provide tools and confidence to help nurses succeed.  This interview should instill a great deal of confidence in your choice to be a nurse.  You are entering the ranks of the BEST profession in the world!

Listen to the episode here:

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