Graham Hospital School of Nursing Review

Graham Hospital School of Nursing

When I was trying to choose the best nursing school to attend, I found plenty of information on the big-name schools but not much on the new and small nursing schools.

Luckily that has now changed as you can find lots of info on any nursing school you can think of…

However, as you synthesize all the information, your choice should be based on:

  • Location
  • Accreditation
  • Degree choice
  • Whether you want to learn in a big or small institution
  • The cost
  • NCLEX Exam Pass rate
  • Classroom size
  • Class schedules
  • School reputation

You don’t have to go through all that… Make sure you gather as much information as you need from nursing school reviews and weigh your preferences and needs.

To start you off, here is the information you need on Graham Hospital School of Nursing.

The History of Graham Hospital School of Nursing

In 1909, Alice and Caroline Graham gifted the Canton community with the original building housing the Graham hospital and school…

The two facilities launched the same year in honor of the girl’s parents to better serve the community’s health demands.

The school, which directly links to Graham Hospital, attracted nursing students from all over Chicago… The first graduation took place in 1913, where six nurses graduated.

In 1923, the school was recognized by the Illinois Department of Registration and Education, and nurses were allowed to take the Illinois State Board exam to become registered nurses.

Over the years, the institution has transformed, invested in technology, and expanded the programs it offers…

The institution’s

  • Address is 210 W Walnut St, Canton, IL 61520-2497
  • Phone number is 309.647.5240 ext. 234

Mission Statement

To provide compassionate, quality health services to the people and communities, we serve responsibly and charitably.

The program the school offers is a three-year diploma…Key to note, the institution is not a college and doesn’t confer degrees…

You only earn a diploma in nursing, but it qualifies you to become an RN, just like BSN and ADN programs.

The Schools Program

Classes start in August of every year through the fall and spring semesters. However, the school doesn’t have spring semester admissions…

The school is accredited by the Illinois State Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

ACEN is only given to educational institutions that meet strict quality standards set by these accrediting bodies.

It means that the Graham Hospital School of Nursing meets the academic demands of the State of Illinois.

At the same time, students get an education to meet national standards…

Graduates with a diploma from Graham hospital school of nursing qualify for licensure as an RN or RNSA in Illinois provided that they also take the NCLEX licensing exam.

Admission Requirements

To apply for admission, you must attend a booked admission interview and provide:

  • A completed application form and a $40 non-refundable application fee.
  • Three letters of recommendation using the Personal Reference Form.
  • Official transcripts from all high schools, GED scores, and colleges you have attended.

Before the final admission, you have to undergo a criminal background check and a drug screening at the Graham Hospital…

Deadlines for submitting the application materials are November 15th for the December review and February 15th for the March review…

Usually, applicants are notified of their admission status in writing after the review date in March and December.

Not having the required documents and information at hand disqualifies you from the admission process…

However, your application can be rolled over to the next available admission date, but you’ll have to reapply afresh.

But even when placed on the waiting list, you’re not guaranteed admission…The school accepts about 19 students but usually enrolls an average of 14 undergraduate students.

Currently, the school has a 100% acceptance rate…

The School Experience

Because the institute has a low student-to-faculty ratio, students get more one-on-one time with the nurse educators.

It means that they can learn in a fast-paced environment where there is no struggle to access their teachers or mentors…

Most of the instructors have prior experience in actual practice before becoming faculty members…

The students get practical experience from the Graham Hospital and other local healthcare agencies, both in hospital and community settings.

Program Prerequisites

You’re required to have a minimum of 5 C-CREDITS in addition to your English and Mathematics prerequisites before admission…

If returning to school after some years, you may be required to take a biology class before admission…

Because statistics is a mandatory course in the program, some students must take a math course before continuing with Statistics.


  • A non-refundable fee of $75.00 upon acceptance of admission
  • The tuition fee is approximately $20500 for the three years

However, you have to factor in extra costs for books, uniforms, and other learning materials. If you’re living off-campus, you might have to incur added charges in transportation…

Most of the students at the school have financial aid. You can apply for this at the FAFSA website.

What Students Are Saying About the School

Rating 5 out of 5

Graham Hospital School of Nursing is a face-to-face in-class program. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the school had to adjust to accommodate and transition to an all-online program. The instructors were very flexible, and the online transition was very well established. Although students missed out on the hands-on clinical experience, the educational portion included case studies and material to help students understand their nursing roles. Overall my online experience was great.

 Rating 5 out of 5

I would say it’s an excellent hospital-based program that offers real-world clinical experience. Instructors are always available to help with education-related issues. The library is up-to-date with the most recent evidence-based textbooks and reference material.

Rating 4 out of 5

The best school with the best instructors and education!!

Rating 5 out of 5

I love this school and the instructors! Unlike other schools, they want you to succeed and will help you reach your goals.

Rating 5 out of 5

I am a 2005 graduate of GHSON. This program thoroughly prepared me to move on to a Bachelors’ program. I was also fully prepared to work at any facility and any unit. The clinical experience and support we received as students were the best I’ve seen.

I am now the labor and delivery clinical educator at OSF St Francis and maternal flight coordinator for our maternal transport team.

I think back many times to what has been taught to me by Graham SON. I would change nothing about my education at GHSON other than I would have started sooner. 💜

Rate 5 out of 5

A graduate of the 2017 class, I strongly recommend this school. It is a very traditional program with lots of hands-on.

The doctors I work with are amazed at the amount of knowledge I obtained during my education, and I am grateful to every instructor there for teaching me all things that I needed to know!

Rate 2 out of 5

Fake school

From these reviews, it’s apparent that most of the students have a satisfactory experience with the school. Reviews older than a decade and recent ones all have almost a similar message.

However, because people’s expectations are different negative reviews are naturally still evident.

As you will realize, the school’s operations were also affected by the Covid 19 pandemic altering everyday course work and class programs…

It meant less practical, clinical training and more online classes…However, this was not an isolated case, as many institutions at the time had to close down or shift to online operations.

It’s also important to note that, as the school states, meeting the minimum requirements doesn’t automatically guarantee admission…

It means that you have to prepare yourself adequately for the entrance test and the nursing program.

Doing so will give you the confidence, preparedness, and drive to pass and get accepted.

To avoid multiple rejections and stress even after admission, think of nursing program supplemental education tools.

Quality supplemental tools enable you to go through the confusing and demanding application system successfully, beat the high competition in admission, and deal with low confidence.

When I was enrolling in nursing school, I didn’t give the admission process enough thought…

I never thought I would be rejected or have to apply multiple times before acceptance…In my mind, good grades in high school automatically translated to a quick admission….

But I was wrong … I was shocked to realize it’s a highly competitive field, and many applicants are rejected even after meeting the bare minimum requirements

Also, the application process varies from school to school and state to state, which makes it even more confusing…

Applying for a nursing program can be frustrating and nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t know where and how to start or what successful applicants did that got them accepted.

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The platform offers NCLEX® Exam Prep Questions, nursing admission preparedness, and Confidence Boosters integrated into one.

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Why New Applicants Should Consider

As you will realize, applying and getting that coveted acceptance letter from your school of choice is not a walk in the park…

You need to understand the requirements clearly, have enough knowledge and confidence to pass the application process. has helped over 360000 FUTURE, AND CURRENT NURSES nail this process…

It’s a supplemental learning platform that enables you to crush the HESI®-A2 or TEAS® exam and develop a rock-solid understanding of nursing school prep courses in one place. Understand that:

Over 34% of qualified applicants don’t make it through the admission process

Getting into nursing school is highly competitive…it gets more challenging each year

But can help you with:

  • Nursing School Prep Courses
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They’ve created a simple yet effective learning platform that helps you achieve your dream of becoming a nurse without the stress, energy, and time it takes to attain admission.

TEAS® Review Course Covers

  • English Language
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Math

Prereq Review Courses Cover

  • Growth and Development
  • Intro to Psychology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Psychology
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  • Biology
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  • Chemistry
  • Microbiology

Armed with this knowledge and the confidence from a supportive community and mentors, you can ace the nursing school admission process and have a high chance of getting accepted.

However, It Doesn’t End there; once you get admission, you soon realize the program is not what you had in mind:

  • It gets more complex every day
  • You might spend a lot of time on studies affecting your social life
  • You might be stressed when you fail to meet the bare minimums to qualify for the NCLEX® exam

You don’t have a supportive community as each student is busy or struggling with the same issues, and the tutors or professors are overwhelmed with class demands… for Nursing Students

20% of all nursing school students drop out of school, citing stress, a complicated curriculum, and a lack of community support…

It’s sad, considering most applicants invest a lot in preparing for the admission process and end up dropping out…

  • With, you don’t have to go through this struggle. The platform provides:
  • Clear and concise videos on all topics covered in nursing school
  • 6,000+ practice questions

A multimodal content delivery system, including:

  • Cheatsheets
  • Mnemonics
  • Picmonics (requires Picmonic membership)
  • 3D anatomy models
  • Medical images
  • Flashcards
  • and more…

The online learning platform has over 20 modules with 6,000+ practice questions to boost your critical thinking skills…

It’s a one-stop resource for nursing school students…

The videos are narrated by experts and practitioners in nursing, simplifying complex concepts, making them easy to understand even for first-time learners who struggle with complex topics…

The best part is that the platform caters to the needs of overlooked student groups such as those with:

  • Vision impairments
  • ADHD
  • Dyslexic students
  • Anxious students (who don’t perform well under pressure)

Nursing is all about empathy, kindness, and support… However, it’s not easy to give it your best when you’re struggling. notes that most of the students who reach out to them are:

  • Ready to quit nursing school
  • They feel depressed, stressed out, and lonely
  • Their grades are getting worse by the day
  • They lack confidence when it comes to taking the NCLEX®-RN exam has a supportive community of mentors ready to answer all your questions…

They also have experts in each subject who are willing to listen and offer help where needed, provide motivation, and most importantly, give you hope that this is nothing but a bump in the road.

I can confidently say that I was on the verge of quitting nursing school, but I luckily discovered…

The caring and mentoring community and the additional learning tools gave me the confidence to soldier on.

I no longer had to deal with boring PowerPoints or spend a lot of time finding study material and deciphering complex topics.

The hopelessness, due to the poor grades, also came to an end. gave me renewed hope and self-belief that I could do this!

I was able to:

  • Watch lesson videos
  • Review study tools
  • Take practice questions
  • Take NCLEX® simulation confidently

Most importantly, I had friendly, highly skilled, and available educators at my disposal to answer any questions I had.

Using the self-directed modules, I was able to pass my NCLEX® with flying colors!

As I realized, every student needs tools that allow them to work at their own pace, without spending too much time or getting discouraged…

They need the ability to Master Complex Topics with Visual Study Tools designed for every Learning Style.

The benefits of using the supplemental education tools’ platform are:

  • Reduced test anxiety
  • Guaranteed NCLEX success
  • Improved grades
  • Improved critical thinking skills
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  • Feel more confident when taking the NCLEX®-RN exam
  • A supportive community ready to answer your questions and provide positive encouragement… supplemental tools will improve your grades by at least 12 points and guarantee a 99.86% NCLEX® pass…

The best part is that you get to save at least 4 hours of study time every week with the tools…

It means a more flexible schedule and the time to relax, socialize and create a study-life balance.

Unlike me, you have the chance to make the right choice and avoid stressful and sometimes costly mistakes along the nursing career path.

You’ll find fulfillment, joy, and a passion for serving other people. You’ll also complete the course on time as you don’t have to take many breaks as I did when trying to find meaning in my studies.

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When I thought there was no hope, came to my rescue and showed me the way…

You don’t have to make the same mistakes I made…If you want a chance at a successful career in nursing, you need a study plan that fits YOUR needs and preferences…

Where are You in your nursing journey?

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