How to be Grateful in Nursing School and as a Nurse

gratitude in nursing school

I remember working as a nurse during the holiday season.  It was something that I actually really enjoyed – talking to the patients and spending time with them is a special opportunity to bring them a little comfort and cheer during the difficult time.

One experience I remember was the husband of a patient who had suffered a large stroke.  Every night, he would sit in the corner writing . . . writing . . . and writing.  I had the chance to take care of his wife right around Christmas day.  He had decorated the room and he continued to sit in the corner writing.  At the end of my shift, he gave me a card.  The card expressed his gratitude for taking care of his wife.  In this dark moment, he took the time to thank those around him who cared so much for his wife.

As you are going through nursing school or preparing for the NCLEX, take a moment to look around you and express gratitude.  While this journey can be hard – there is much to be grateful for.

I want you to become a nurse – we need more nurses.  We are here to help you through this journey.

Happy Nursing!

Jon Haws, RN

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