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All nursing students struggle with their grades at some point . . . you’re not alone . . . but after talking with thousands of nursing students, I’ve found that can help you pass.

Welcome to another episode of the podcast. My name is John Haws, RN and the founder of And today I wanted to talk specifically to all of you nursing students out there who might be struggling with grades. I know I say might, but I realized that that’s a common struggle that a lot of us have during nursing school. I remember going into nursing school realizing it was going to be hard. And so I studied every single book I could find to try to kind of combat this difficulty that was nursing school, but I wanted to read a couple quotes and a couple of emails and messages from different students who have reached out to us while using Mostly because I wanted to let you know that you’re not the only one out there who is struggling with nursing school and with grades and with all that there is to do.

So, let me go and read a couple of these to you and see if any of these sound familiar as you read through some of their struggles and as they share some of their successes. So this first one comes from Jacqueline and she says results from my fifth exam before 80% after 86%. She says, I can’t believe the improvement since using this program. When I first took med surge one, my testing average was 72% and I need a 77 to pass. After using this program. My testing average is 90%. One more test, ATI and final to go. And it’s onto mental health and patho read this other one from Kimberly. She says, thanks. Nursing.Com. GPA 3.8, four, farm med math and OB some of the most difficult courses. She was able to pull that off. This one comes from Sylvia. She says, thank you.

Nursing.Com. My grades have skyrocketed because of your wonderful program, smiley face emoji. Here’s one from rainy. She says, John Haas, thank you. I use since my first semester. And really think it helped me get a 3.8 GPA, not a perfect 4.0, but still something I’m proud of. And I think you should be proud of that. You should be proud of just simply surviving a nursing school semester, but that’s incredible that she was able to pull it off with that 3.88. This one comes from Sylvia. She says my first exam, I made a 77 without using When I signed up for, I made a 90 on my second exam and this last one is from Tamra. She said, dear Can I just say thank you today. I took my med surge one, HESI exam, number two, and got a 95.17, which converted to an 1137.

The academy used correctly with my other study. Resources is amazing. I have two exams and two finals left for the semester, OB and med surge, and three are HESI. I can’t wait to see my great improve even further when I get to my goal of a 99.9. Thank you again, heart smiley face emoji. So I want to read those things with you guys, because these are all from students who were struggling. They were struggling with, with how to find the time to study. They were struggling with their grades. They were struggling with the fear of not getting through nursing school. And these are the exact same fears that I also encountered when I was a nursing student. And they’re common among so many students. You are not alone in feeling this. In fact, that is exactly why we built We wanted to build the best place to learn nursing.

Now, what does that mean? What that means to us is that we help you understand and learn in a completely new way. We help break down all the complex information that you’re required to read the 40 million pages. You’re trying to read every night into an eight minute video without lines and with visual study tools so that you can finally understand and grasp it. If you want your nursing school textbooks to just become paperweights on your study desk, the is the way to go. We use only educators who are practicing nurses, taking care of patients that they teach about. That means that the OB courses are taught by Miriam, who has over a decade of experience in maternal newborn. The cardiac stuff is taught by telemetry nurses. All of the courses are taught by practicing nurses who just took care of a patient that they’re teaching you about.

So they’re able to tell you only the things that you need to know, not the nice to know stuff that you will likely never encounter on the floor or on an exam. And then we tie that all in with visual resources, like our nursing cheat sheets with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of those inside as well as over 150 care plans. Pneumonics images about seven or 800 images and 6,000 practice questions written by NTSB and trained question writers to back up. Everything that you’ve learned. Nursing school is hard. Being a nurse is hard, but it is doable. And what we’ve done is we’ve taken all that guesswork out of it. We’ve taken all that extra junk out of it, and we deliver it to you in a way that will save you time and help your grades improve. In fact, I spoke with 300 random members of last year and asked them how much time or what’s your study difference by using versus your traditional study method. And the average students said that they saved about four hours of study time a week while their grades also improve. At the same time, you guys, you can do this. We can help. If you head over to, you can actually try it out for a full three days for just $1. And that’s all you got to pay. If you don’t like it, if it doesn’t help you,

You can let it go. But I I’m convinced that it will help you. And I’m convinced that it will help improve your grades and reduce your study time. You guys, we love you. We want you to succeed the best way we can think of doing that is through So head over there and try out a three-day $1 trial happiness.

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