Ep6: Hypokalemia (6 L’s)

nursing mnemonic podcast

6 L’s

Leg cramps

Limp muscles

Low, shallow respirations

Lethal cardiac dysrythmias

Lots of urine (polyuria)


hypokalemia mnemonic for nurses

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Podcast Transcription

Alright, this mnemonic is to help you remember the signs and symptoms of hypoklemia. So, hypokalemia is low potassium. Normal potassium levels are about 3.7 – 5.2 mEq/L. So, to help you remember the signs and symptoms that accompany hypokalemia is the 6 L’s. Lethargy, Leg cramps, Lymph muscles, low and shallow respirations, lethal cardiac dysrhythmias, and lots of urine output. So, 6 L’s with hypoka-L-emia, that’s how I remember it. Ka-L-emia, ‘L’ 6 L’s. Lethargy, they’re  tired. L – Leg cramps, L – Lymph muscles, L – Low shallow respirations, L – Lethal cardiac dysrhythmias, and L – Lots of urine.


This has been another episode of the nursing mnemonics podcast by NRSNG.com with your host, Katie Kleber, RN, CCRN. To grab all of our nursing cheat sheets, head over to NRSNG.com/freebies. That’s NRSNG.com/freebies. Thank you so much for being here today. We love you guys. We thank you so much. We want to see you guys succeed. Listen, we’re all in this together. Now, go out and be your best self today. Happy Nursing.

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