Linchpins for the WIN (Nursing School Secret Weapon)


Nursing school is tough and I tirelessly poured over all of my textbooks and notes thinking that if I could just memorize EVERYTHING I would do great!

And you know what? I did! My first two semesters I received straight A’s and I thought here it is, I have figured out how to excel in nursing school.

The problem is (as many of you may know) this is impossible. It may work for a little while but there comes a time where it’s simply impossible to memorize everything and you will hit a breaking point.

For me it was after I dropped out of nursing school and had decided to return.

Upon my return I started opening all of my old textbooks and realized I had a few short months to memorize all of this info in all of these books and I knew it couldn’t be done.

This was the turning point for me and the moment that the teaching pedagogy that is built on was born. Core Content Mastery Method is what we call it and explains our process of teaching that helps you master nursing school topics much quicker.

Linchpins – a linchpin is a pin developed to pass through the end of an axle and keep a wagon wheel in place. Without this small pin wagons would have never worked.

In nursing school terms linchpins are those pieces of information on a topic that makes the entire concept hold together. This shift in focus helped me focus on those pieces of information that were MOST important and without them the rest of the concept would make no sense.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with cramming all of nursing school into your brain.

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