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Finding a nursing clipboard that meets your needs is tough . . . I remember during clinicals as a student I often ran into two problems with clipboards for nurses:

  • They didn’t offer enough/any storage
  • They were too flimsy

This is frustrating and I eventually went through 3 clipboards during nursing school as one crapped out after another.

So I set out on a mission to create a clipboard that fully met the needs of the nursing student.  This is when was born.

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The Perfect Nursing Clipboard Checklist

When we set out to make a better clipboard for nurses we started with evaluating what was already out there and what was missing.

As nurses we know exactly what is needed during a clinical shift.  Aside from just a place to keep a few paper we knew that nurses have specific needs to make a shift go smoothly.  Here are the 5 things that we saw were missing from the clipboards out there for nurses and we set out to fix it.

  • Storage for clinical paperwork (1″ storage space)
  • Durable – not break on first use
  • Allow for patient privacy
  • Storage for pens
  • Clinical reference sheets specific to nurses

With this checklist in mind I teamed up with nursing students and experienced ICU nurses to create a clipboard for nurses that filled the void.

nursing clipboard with storage

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Clinical Reference Material

Our clipboard is jam packed full of reference and cheat sheets to help you stay organized and feel less stress during clinical rotations.  Here is a list of all the nursing reference sheets included:

Lab values (

  • CHEM 7, CBC, LFTs)
  • ABGs with interpretation
  • IM injection sites
  • EKG Interpretation
  • EKG lead placement
  • Insulin onset times
  • Medical Spanish
  • Normal vital signs
  • Needle Gauge selection
  • Report outline
  • Temp and weight conversion
  • Medication antidotes
  • Pupillary assessment
  • GCS
  • Common ICU drips

All this is packed on the front of the clipboard in an easy to read format . . . never feel lost again looking for lab values.  We thought long and hard about the material put on the front of the clipboard.  With a team of experienced ICU nurses we evaluated what we most often referred to and what we most often quizzed nurse interns and new nurses about as we trained them.

That’s what we included on the clipboard.  Hand selected reference material from experienced ICU nurses.

Tons of Storage

With over one inch of vertical storage space and a separate storage space for pens etc . . . it will be easy to keep track of all your papers and pens!

Large enough to keep all of your clinical paperwork and brain sheets.

Folding clipboards don’t allow you to store the extra material you will need for clinicals.

storage clipboard for nurses

Listen . . . I don’t want you to waste anymore time or energy looking for the right clipboard . . . it’s right here.  This is designed by nurses who have been in your shoes, know what it takes to do our job, and want you to succeed.

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What Customers are Saying

Ultimately, what you care about is: will this nursing clipboard work for me?

Here are some of the reviews the clipboard has received.




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OMG! Love this nursing clipboard check it out!

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