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30 Nursing Graduation Cakes (I dare you to use #18)

best nursing cake for student

Graduation from nursing school is a perfect excuse to indulge your sweet tooth and to buy some delicious cakes or cupcakes to celebrate.  Here are some nurse cake ideas to help you celebrate graduating nursing school in style.

1. Nursing Graduation Cake with Cap, Pills, Stethoscope

2. Pills, Shots, Band-aids, and EKG Cake for Nursing Grad


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3. Colorful Nurse Cake

4. Oh, The Places You’ll Go



5. The Pill Pusher



6. Nursing Uniform Sheet Cake



7. Nursing Student Cupcakes with Fondant


8. Would You Eat This Nurse Cake?


9. Beautiful Cake for Nurses

10. Graduation Cap with Sthethoscope




11. Fun Pink Nursing Graduation Cake


12. 3 Tier Nurse Cake

13. Cap Cupcakes . . .

14. . . . I Want One of These

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15. Fancy Fancy

16. This Is So Cool




17. Congratulations

18. Ummm . . . . .

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19. Well Done Grad

20. A Little Bit of Fondant

21. Nurse Cake Pops

22. Nurse Minion to the Nurses Station

23. Red

24. I’ll Take a Piece of This Cake

25. I Love This One

26. Sooo Cute!

27. Candy Shot . . . STAT!

28. This Cake is Amazing

29. Why Isn’t This in the Break Room?

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30. Love it!

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Graduating from nursing school is a huge accomplishment. . . . It takes a tremendous amount of sacrifice to complete a nursing degree . . . a sacrifice of time, self, and energy.

These nursing school graduation cakes are sure to be the hi-light of the celebration.

Which nurse cake is your favorite?


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