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I am so excited to introduce someone incredibly important. Take a minute and listen to this episode . . . we share a lot of personal stories. After you listen take a minute and say hi: Facebook: nrsng Snapchat: nrsngcom

QOD 38: Dyspnea (Respiratory/Basic Care and Comfort)

Answer: C. Obesity Rationale:  Dyspnea, also known as breathlessness, is a state in which a person is unable to get enough air. Dyspnea may be acute, such as after an injury affecting the lungs or a panic attack, or it

NSS Ep12: Being Assertive in Nursing School Clinicals

Today’s Question:  My two biggest struggles with nursing school are procrastination and not being assertive during clinicals. I have a B+ average a year into my part-time BSN program, but I’m sure I could’ve managed an A- average if I

cardiac medications by class

9 Common Cardiac Medication Classes

Today I want to talk about nine common classes of cardiac meds, that you’re going to need to understand, and you’re going to need to know at a very high level. We’re going to talk about these meds at a

QOD 30: Palpation (GI/GU/Health Promotion and Maintenance)

Answer: D.  The pads of the fingers Rationale:  When assessing a patient through palpation, the nurse may use different parts of the hand to find differing signs related to the patients condition. The pads of the fingers are best used

real emergency room stories

Sepsis: Real Life in the Emergency Room

This is the first in a series from Susan Dupont RN BSN who is an Emergency Room Nurse and contributor at . . . Click to View All Articles in the “Real Life in the ER Series” Every patient

QOD 26: Dysphagia in a Patient with ALS (Neuro/Basic Care and Comfort)

Answer: C. Dysphagia Rationale:  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that causes a decline in respiratory function, including shortness of breath and an inability to cough. The patient is also at a nutritional risk because of muscle

QOD-24 Heart Sounds(Cardiac/Health Promotion and Maintenance)

Answer: A. mitral valve prolapse. Rationale:  When auscultating heart sounds, the nurse may hear a variety of different sounds; some are normal parts of the heart’s anatomy, while others indicate an abnormality. A systolic click is a high-pitched sound that is

2 Tips to Stay Organized in Clinical

One of the biggest struggles I see new nurses and nursing students . . . and even experienced nurses at times have is . . . Time Management on the clinical floor. I wanted to share with you two major

nursing clipboard nurses

Ep177: The Best Nursing Clipboard . . .

Excuse the slight detour from our normal episodes . . . but I wanted to let you know that we just released a clipboard designed specifically for nurses and nursing students. You can view the clipboard at: Here is

QOD 20: Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (Neuro/Basic Care and Comfort)

Answer: C.  Percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation Rationale:  Diabetic peripheral neuropathy can cause severe pain and nerve dysfunction in the extremities. The patient with this condition may need pain management methods, which could be through medications or through non-pharmacological methods, such

Ep175: Did You Know About These Nursing Podcasts

Sorry to interrupt your regular programming ; ) But I just wanted to make you aware of our other Nursing School/Nursing Podcast Shows: NRSNG Show: Interviews, motivation, A&P MedMaster Show: Nursing Pharmacology NCLEX® Question of the Day: Show NCLEX Question

nurse muscles masen mills

Becoming a Healthy Nurse with Masen Mills (@nurse_muscles)

Masen Mills (@nurse_muscles) journey into nursing was very nontraditional.  In fact it reminded me a lot of my own (job he hated, new baby, contemplated nursing for years). Masen is the mastermind behind  @nurse_muscles on Instagram and where he provides

nursing clipboard nurses

The Best Nursing Clipboard with Storage

Finding a nursing clipboard that meets your needs is tough . . . I remember during clinicals as a student I often ran into two problems with clipboards for nurses: They didn’t offer enough/any storage They were too flimsy This

nursing school is too hard

Nursing School Shouldn’t be so DAMN Hard!

Listen to the episode before leaving a comment or sending hate mail 😉 Get the Friday Freebies by going to Okay . . . we reach literally hundreds of thousands of nursing students a month here at .

NRSNG Podcast Feedback | Share Your Thoughts

HOW TO LEAVE US FEEDBACK IN iTUNES: 1. On your iPhone click on your “Podcasts” app       2. Search “NRSNG” within the Podcasts App   3. Click on the “NRSNG Show (NCLEX® Prep for Nursing Students)” Podcast Icon at the

How to answer pharmacology questions

12 Tips to Answering Any Pharmacology Question

Pharmacology is one of the subjects that more students struggle with than anything else.  To conquer pharmacology it is important to have a plan.  This episode provides 12 easy to implement tips to answering any pharmacology question. Patient Safety The

HESI TEAS test for nursing school

7 Rules for Answering SATA Questions in Nursing School

“I am currently struggling with SATA. I am trying to prepare for the NCLEX-RN.” SATA-type questions has long been a dreaded feature of the NCLEX, but why does it get so much hate? Seriously, why is it that a groan

Ep153: Are You Holding Yourself Back

Each of us went into nursing hoping to succeed.  Little did we expect for past demons and skeletons to creep into our minds and lives that would begin to interrupt our success. This is a very short episode where I

Ep141: Leukemia (video episode)

Learning to care for a patient with leukemia is important.  This video episode covers basic nursing care for the patient with leukemia.

Ep136: Addison’s Disease (video episode)

Addison’s Disease is a complex issue that many patients face and you will likely encounter during your career as a nurse. This episode covers everything you need to know to care for the patient.  Learn more and study for the

Overwhelmed In Nursing School

How Not To Feel Overwhelmed In Nursing School

The most fascinating conundrum of Nursing School is the innate feeling of being overwhelmed. Anyone who has been in nursing school will agree whole heartedly that they were indeed overwhelmed. The main reason that everyone is so overwhelmed is because

new grad icu job first job

4 No Fail Tips to Get a Spot in the ICU as a New Grad RN

Finding that first new graduate nursing job right out of school is a huge source of stress and anxiety to many nursing students.  For those students that want to work in the ICU ( critical care) right out of school the

tips for nursing students

10 Things I Would Tell a New Nursing Student

Everyone is going to try to scare you! At my first meeting of nursing school, the director of the school of nursing got up to speak in front of the new nursing class. She started her speech by saying: “Everyone

nurse bass how to think like a nurse

Ep116: NurseBass on Developing a Nurses Mind

NurseBass is a raising YouTube star having had many videos published with MightyNurse.  Be sure to check him out at We connected a couple months back after I saw a few of his videos.  It is easy to tell

Stroke Nursing Care

Stroke is a common diagnosis.  Essentially stroke involves a decrease in oxygen delivery to the brain.  This video covers nursing care for stroke patients.

nursing school survive getting in

Ep112: Declare WAR on Nursing School with NurseMurse

NurseMurse is a rising star on YouTube . . . his channel over at is jam packed full of helpful tips for nursing students from how to prepare for nursing school to dealing with Poop in the Face. In this

rn crush nclex mastery app

New App Promises to Help Nursing Students Crush the NCLEX® Exam

Dallas, Tex. – NCLEX® prep company,, will release their new app,RN Crush!, 7-29-2015 with the goal of making NCLEX® prep fun, easy, and painless.   RN Crush!, available on both iOS and Android devices, is a mobile app created by a nurse

best nursing cake for student

30 Nursing Graduation Cakes (I dare you to use #18)

Graduation from nursing school is a perfect excuse to indulge your sweet tooth and to buy some delicious cakes or cupcakes to celebrate.  Here are some nurse cake ideas to help you celebrate graduating nursing school in style. 1. Nursing

free nclex prep tools

12 Must Have NCLEX® Study Tools (4 are FREE)

Ahh .  . . the NCLEX®, that’s what it’s all about right?  Without passing this beast of a test the debt, the extra 20 pounds, the stories, the sacrifices, and the grey hairs of nursing school are all for naught!

7 Best Nursing Bags for Nurses

Choosing a bag for nursing school can be pretty intimidating.  After all you will be carrying around 4,374 pounds of books, writing 3 novels in clinical paperwork a week, and pretty much be living in the library . . .

5 Must Have Tools for Nursing Students

1. Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissor (Trauma Shears) Pros • Versatility These are versatile and able to cut through a variety of clothing materials easily, including leather and denim. They can even be used to cut seatbelts to free accident victims

Ep53: Renal Failure Pt Care

Today I answer a question from another NRSNG reader! I’m a new nurse and am unsure about things I should be doing for renal failure pts.  How much concern should I be about urine output in stage 4/5 CKD pts? 

dissect nclex question

How to Dissect an NCLEX® Question

  I am struggling with knowing how to break down the questions. I feel like I study and study, but I can’t get good grades on my exams and quizzes. I just started nursing school and I am in nursing

labs for nurses

17 Must Know Normal Lab Values for NCLEX®

Must Know Labs Covered in the Video pH 7.35 – 7.45 PaCO2 35 – 45 HCO3 22 – 26 BUN 5 – 20 Cholesterol <200 Glucose 70 – 100 HCT F:36 – 46 M:42 – 52 HgB F:12 – 15

teachers make me nervous

Ep38: Nursing Instructor Gives Me Anxiety . . . HELP!

Resources in this Episode: What is up? This is Jon with the NRSNG podcast. There, we’re going to do another question from one of the listeners. This question, I’m really excited about because I have some personal experiences

how to get ready for nursing school

Ep37: How to Prepare for Nursing School: 4 Quick Tips

Resources discussed in this episode: Critical Thinking for Dummies VARK Questionnaire Trello   I have been accepted into the BSN program and begin nursing school April 27. I am struggling with how to prepare for school. I don’t know what

When Do Night Shift Nurses Sleep?

[su_youtube url=”″][/su_youtube] When I started my nursing job, it was my first nursing job and I was super-excited, but I was put on the night shift. I was terrified. I don’t think I’d ever stayed up from 7pm to 7am

how to keep head above water in nursing school

Ep35: Keeping My Head Above the Water

Today’s question comes from a student asking how to keep her head above water.  Be sure to visit to try the new app. Hey guys, Jon here with,, and Thank you so much for checking out

2minRN: Asthma

[fullwidth backgroundcolor=”” backgroundimage=”” backgroundrepeat=”no-repeat” backgroundposition=”left top” backgroundattachment=”scroll” video_webm=”” video_mp4=”” video_ogv=”” video_preview_image=”” overlay_color=”” overlay_opacity=”0.5″ video_mute=”yes” video_loop=”yes” fade=”no” bordersize=”0px” bordercolor=”” borderstyle=”” paddingtop=”20px” paddingbottom=”20px” paddingleft=”0px” paddingright=”0px” menu_anchor=”” equal_height_columns=”no” hundred_percent=”no” class=”” id=””][youtube id=”-6qvsd7psXo” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””][/fullwidth][fusion_text] Transcription: Asthma is basically chronic inflammation

2minRN: Pulmonary Embolism

Let’s talk pulmonary embolism. The chances of you getting a question about pulmonary embolism on the actual is pretty low. However, let’s talk about it and give you the things that you need to know in case you encounter one

2minRN: Vent Alarms

[su_youtube url=”″] [fusion_text]Okay, let’s talk about Vent Alarms and exactly what you have to know for the in plugs about Vent Alarms. I can almost 100% guarantee you, you’re going to get a question with us. Quickly let’s talk about

colloid vs crystalloid

Hydrostatic vs Oncotic Pressure Video

Video Transcript: When we start trying to understand the difference between hydrostatic and oncotic pressure, first of all we have to understand what osmosis is. Now, we probably learned about osmosis in our Bio 101 class and in Intro to

Chest Tube Nursing Care | Video

Sorry it’s been so long since my last podcast!  We have been working away here at on some great new products for you! Anyway, this video cover nursing care for the patient with a chest tube.  These can be

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Meninges Layers dura arachnoid pia Purpose protect CNS Meningitis acute inflammation of meninges Causes virus bacteria microorganisms drugs Symptoms headache neck stiffness 70% sudden fever confusion AMS photophobia Diagnosis lumbar puncture low glucose WBC protein Complications brain swelling and herniation

Creatinine (Video)

In a followup video from the recent BUN video, we cover what creatinine is, how it relates to BUN and why we like to monitor GFR and CrCl in our patients. This is a fun introduction to this important lab

Prioritization #5: Patient Education

It can be easy to look past patient education because we think we are “too busy” however, I have found that taking the 2-3 minutes to talk with your patient can save you hours later trying to explain why you

Butterfly Needles [video]

Butterfly needles can be super handy when drawing labs. . . This video show how to use the needles and tips and tricks.

Prioritization #3: Pain

Hey guys . . . in this episode of the prioritization series I discuss PAIN . . . that’s right.  And why it is sometimes better to NOT give any pain medication. I am a very firm believer in assessing

nursing school take practice tests

Tip #4: Take Every Practice Question You Can Find

  So here we are . . . tip #4.  Want to read the other tips?  Click here   I hope these 6 tips are helping you in your studies.  These are the exact strategies I used to graduate nursing

Tip #5 Drawing Pictures Means You’re Smart

When I was in college the first time I randomly enrolled in an Anatomy and Physiology course. At the time I was a Health Science major.  My goal was to teach and coach or maybe work with the Red Cross.

Tip #6: Find a Study Buddy Smarter Than You

Find a Study Buddy Smarter Than You I’m a prideful person by nature . . . ask my wife! Admitting that I don’t know something or that I am wrong has always been a challenge for me. Because of this

Durable Power of Attorney | Question of the Day

4. In the case of a patient becoming incompetent to make his own decisions, a durable power of attorney authorizes: a. another person to manage the patient’s financial matters. b. instructions for what medical treatment the patient wants. c. another

Living Will | Question of the Day

A patient is admitted to the hospital for hip replacement surgery and the nurse notes in the documentation that the patient has a living will. In addition to placing a copy of the document on the patient’s chart, the nurse

Ibuprofen | NSAIDs uses and risks in hospitalized patients

Ibuprofen is a very common medication . . . in fact you have probably taken it yourself!  Learn about the different risks and benefits of this medication in this episode.  Find out book “140 Must Know Meds”

Immodium | anti diarrheal

Certainly an important medication to know when caring for hospitalized patients. View our book based on the medications covered in this podcast at:


Check out the new book “140 Must Know Meds” view it at

lego nurse stress

Stress Overload Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan

Medical Diagnosis Appendicitis NURSING DIAGNOSIS Stress Overload RT work and family responsibilities (multiple co-existing stressors) AEB pt statements “I am supposed to be in Chile on Monday”, workload over 50 hrs/week, reported travel RELATED ARTICLE: 5 Steps to Writing a (kick

endocrine system chart insulin nursing

Endocrine System Study Guide With Answers Q&A

Use this simple Q& A page over the endocrine system to test your knowledge and prepare for upcoming tests.  Feel free to print, copy, share, and use this study guide in any way! Remember: Adrenal HYPO function = Addisons: Adrenal HYPER


Codeine is not the most common medication, but surely you have heard of it and possibly given it.  Check out our book 140 Must Know Meds at to learn about the most important medications you need to know.

Pepto Bismol

Yep!  Totally talking about pepto bismol today.  This is actually an interesting medication and important to know for as it is such a common medication.  Check out our new book 140 Meds at

Atenolol | Beta Blocker

Atenolol is a commonly used Beta Blocker that specifically targets Beta1 Receptors.  Learn more and check out our new book “140 Must Know Meds” by visiting

Carafate (Sucralfate)

Carafate is a wonderful medication for patients with gastric ulcers. This podcast covers some of the important education you should provide for your patients. Visit for our new book 140 Must Know Meds

test taking for nurses

My Journey into Nursing – – – Abbreviated

Play the new podcast above or download to listen.  Also check it out on iTunes and Stitcher. . . Just search for “” or Jon Haws.  Plus I love great reviews!  Thanks to those who have already left one up


A commonly used analgesic in ICUs and operative areas, this is an important medication to know. Some common misspellings include fentyanl, fentynal, & fyntanyl.  

sepsis critical thinking

Cirrhosis | Pathophysiology, treatments, causes

This podcast covers cirrhosis or end-stage liver disease.  I discuss the causes, labs associated with, and pathophysiology of cirrhosis.  This is a fun review of treatments and patient care for patients suffering from this terminal condition.  Great review for or

nclex review materials

NCLEX® Review Materials You Can’t Live Without

    The items listed below are items that I personally used in my preparation for the NCLEX®. No guarantee of passing is made and nothing will replace good study habits and understanding the material needed to master the NCLEX®.