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heart murmurs for nursing students

Murmurs | Stenosis, Regurgitation, Systolic, Diastolic

Video podcast today!  This one ended up being a lot longer than I had planned.  In this episode I discuss a simple method for learning murmurs and how to identify where the murmur is occurring and exactly what is happening

angina for nursing students

Angina | Treatment, nursing consideration, physiology

What exactly is angina? What causes the pain that patients are feeling? What are the various nursing considerations when caring for a patient experiencing angina? These questions are answered in this podcast.  This is an important cardiac disorder to understand.

Ep10: Dopamine vs Dobutamine

Let’s face it: Dopamine and Dobutamine can be a bit confusing! This podcast covers these two medications and helps to dispel the confusion around these two meds. One is an inotrope while the other is an alpha agonist. Due to

Beta Blockers

I APOLOGIZE!!! For the audio quality and slow speaking in this episode.  The audio comes from a youtube video, but the content was important to get out there.  This podcast covers the basics of Beta Blockers.  What are Beta Blockers?

12 Travel Nursing Companies That Won’t Screw You

Travel nursing companies have become popular due to the convenience and affordability of the service to hospitals and the desire for many experienced RNs to travel around the country and gain new experiences and to earn extra money! Having experienced

ekg interpretation for nurses

Rapid EKG Interpretation | Identify Arrhythmias in 10 Seconds

Finally, identify any EKG rhythm in 10 seconds of less.  This podcast covers a SIMPLE 5 step method for rapid EKG interpretation and outlines the steps to help you quickly spot arrhythmias with confidence.  There are many more factors involved

nursing school motivation

Preload vs Afterload |Hemodynamics | Blood Pressure

What is Preload? The best way to think of preload is as a volume. Essentially, preload is the VOLUME of blood in the ventricles at the end of diastole.  This is termed End Diastolic Volume (EDV), thus at the very end

hypoglycemia tpa exclusion

Hypoglycemia Exclusion Criteria for tPA Administration

When analyzing the ACLS guidelines for tPA administration with acute ischemic strokes it is essential to take a close look at the exclusion criteria for administration.  In general the exclusion criteria refer to bleeding risks like PLT count, HTN, and

bicarb blood pressure

How Does Bicarb (HCO3) Increase BP?

You may have seen in a code situation a physician order Bicarb to elevate blood pressure.  Generally, HCO3 is given to improve critical ABG values pH <7.2.  Bicarb accounts for roughly 50% of the bodies buffering system.  In a highly

Stroke 101 (Ischemic vs Hemorrhagic Stroke)

This podcast covers Ischemic vs Hemorrhagic Stroke and discusses some of the current treatments and difference between these two types of stroke. PODCAST TRANSCRIPT: