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I am so excited to introduce someone incredibly important. Take a minute and listen to this episode . . . we share a lot of

cardiac medications by class

9 Common Cardiac Medication Classes

Today I want to talk about nine common classes of cardiac meds, that you’re going to need to understand, and you’re going to need to

What are the differences between CPAP and BiPAP?


An overview of non invasive respiratory support for nursing students Let’s be honest . . . Ventilation can be a tough subject.  I have said

Ep141: Leukemia (video episode)

Learning to care for a patient with leukemia is important.  This video episode covers basic nursing care for the patient with leukemia.

Stroke Nursing Care

Stroke is a common diagnosis.  Essentially stroke involves a decrease in oxygen delivery to the brain.  This video covers nursing care for stroke patients.

how to interpret an ekg for nursing students videos animation

EKG Interpretation for Nurses

Interpret EKGs Strips Like a Boss! You aren’t the only one that’s a bit terrified of EKGs . . . let’s just clear that up

7 Best Nursing Bags for Nurses

Choosing a bag for nursing school can be pretty intimidating.  After all you will be carrying around 4,374 pounds of books, writing 3 novels in

5 Must Have Tools for Nursing Students

1. Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissor (Trauma Shears) Pros • Versatility These are versatile and able to cut through a variety of clothing materials easily, including

Ep53: Renal Failure Pt Care

Today I answer a question from another NRSNG reader! I’m a new nurse and am unsure about things I should be doing for renal failure

When Do Night Shift Nurses Sleep?

[su_youtube url=”″][/su_youtube] When I started my nursing job, it was my first nursing job and I was super-excited, but I was put on the night

2minRN: Asthma

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2minRN: Pulmonary Embolism

Let’s talk pulmonary embolism. The chances of you getting a question about pulmonary embolism on the actual is pretty low. However, let’s talk about it

2minRN: Vent Alarms

[su_youtube url=”″] [fusion_text]Okay, let’s talk about Vent Alarms and exactly what you have to know for the in plugs about Vent Alarms. I can almost

colloid vs crystalloid

Hydrostatic vs Oncotic Pressure Video

Video Transcript: When we start trying to understand the difference between hydrostatic and oncotic pressure, first of all we have to understand what osmosis is.

Chest Tube Nursing Care | Video

Sorry it’s been so long since my last podcast!  We have been working away here at on some great new products for you! Anyway,

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Meninges Layers dura arachnoid pia Purpose protect CNS Meningitis acute inflammation of meninges Causes virus bacteria microorganisms drugs Symptoms headache neck stiffness 70% sudden fever

Creatinine (Video)

In a followup video from the recent BUN video, we cover what creatinine is, how it relates to BUN and why we like to monitor

Butterfly Needles [video]

Butterfly needles can be super handy when drawing labs. . . This video show how to use the needles and tips and tricks.

Prioritization #3: Pain

Hey guys . . . in this episode of the prioritization series I discuss PAIN . . . that’s right.  And why it is sometimes

Living Will | Question of the Day

A patient is admitted to the hospital for hip replacement surgery and the nurse notes in the documentation that the patient has a living will.

Immodium | anti diarrheal

Certainly an important medication to know when caring for hospitalized patients. View our book based on the medications covered in this podcast at:


Check out the new book “140 Must Know Meds” view it at

lego nurse stress

Stress Overload Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan

Medical Diagnosis Appendicitis NURSING DIAGNOSIS Stress Overload RT work and family responsibilities (multiple co-existing stressors) AEB pt statements “I am supposed to be in Chile


Codeine is not the most common medication, but surely you have heard of it and possibly given it.  Check out our book 140 Must Know Meds

Pepto Bismol

Yep!  Totally talking about pepto bismol today.  This is actually an interesting medication and important to know for as it is such a common medication.

Atenolol | Beta Blocker

Atenolol is a commonly used Beta Blocker that specifically targets Beta1 Receptors.  Learn more and check out our new book “140 Must Know Meds” by

Carafate (Sucralfate)

Carafate is a wonderful medication for patients with gastric ulcers. This podcast covers some of the important education you should provide for your patients. Visit