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QOD 73: Irrigation of NG Tube (GI/GU/Basic Care and Comfort)


A nurse is preparing to irrigate a patients nasogastric tube. She has assessed the patients abdomen and determined that the tip of the tube is located in the stomach. After drawing up 30 mL of normal saline into a syringe, the nurse prepares for the next step. Which best describes the next step in this process?


D.  Clamp the suction and disconnect the tube


When the nurse is preparing to irrigate a patients NG tube, she must first assure that it is in the proper location with the tip in the stomach. Following this, the nurse disconnects the tube from the suction so that she can instill fluid into the tube. Once fluid is instilled into the tube, the nurse then aspirates the fluid and can reconnect the tubing to suction.

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