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QOD 76: Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea (Respiratory/Basic Care and Comfort)


A patient tells the nurse that she is afraid that she has sleep apnea. She says that she does not feel rested in the morning and that she snores. Her husband says that he notices that she seems to stop breathing on several occasions during the night. The client asks the nurse how sleep apnea is diagnosed. Which answer from the nurse is correct?


D.   “You will most likely need a PSG, which is a nighttime sleep study.”


A person with sleep apnea suffers from periods of apnea-absence of breathing-during the night while asleep. Sleep apnea causes disrupted sleep so that the person does not feel rested when awakening. Often, it is associated with snoring. Sleep apnea is diagnosed through a polysomnogram (PSG), which is an overnight sleep study.

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