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One of the most demanding tests a nurse has to take is the NCLEX exam. There is no doubt that it requires a great deal of preparation, study tips, and effort.

And if you don’t prepare yourself for this challenge, there is very little chance that you will pass . . . especially on your first try. Let me tell you my story about my experience with it.

I was struggling to pass my NCLEX exams. I had a hard time with all the information, and it seemed like no matter how much I studied, I just couldn’t retain anything.

I tried everything from studying in different rooms, taking more notes, and reading various material sources, but nothing seemed to work.

That is why I started – to provide a multi-modal platform with world-class educators helping nursing students pass nursing school and ace the NCLEX exam.

To date, we have helped hundred’s of thousands of nursing students reach their goal of becoming a nurse.    Where really stands out is that we are truly multi-modal – helping all learning styles, our patented NCLEX simulator (SIMCLEX), and our engaging short videos covering all nursing content.

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What is Remar Virtual Trainer (RVT)

Remar Virtual Trainer offers a great training platform for nursing students who are struggling. It provides supplemental content in school and NCLEX pre (licensing exam) preparation tools to increase their chances of passing on the first try. RVT also helps students prepare for their NCLEX exams to pass and become real nurses.

What Is Included With Remar Virtual Trainer?

Remar  provides students with a Remar  faculty member who is easily accessible. The Remar  team offers suggestions and recommended helpful study materials for review.

Remar Virtual Trainer gives you access to all of the materials online, anytime, anywhere . . . read, listen or interact with them . . . and study from them at your own pace.

Remar Virtual Trainer provides users with information via video tutorials, audio tutorials, practice tests, and more. It teaches how to safely carry out procedures and lesson plans designed by actual nurses, doctors, and medical professionals.

One of the essential things to Remar Virtual Trainer is helping students USE TECHNOLOGY to make their lives easier. That’s why Remar offers an interactive experience where you can learn at your own pace and customize it to fit your need . . . giving you more time for other activities.

Remar  lets you customize your Remar experience with audio and video features by using the Remar Virtual Trainer practice test. You can test yourself on the entire Remar library of over 1,300 NCLEX-style questions.

How Remar  Virtual Trainer Works

Remar  Virtual Trainer is an education platform that strives to help practicing nurses and nursing students pass their NCLEX exams. It provides supplemental content as well as practice questions that can help you prepare for the exam.

It is a unique learning tool because it provides live video lectures from different Remar faculty members.

The Remar Virtual Trainer team is supportive and helpful. They provided me with questions similar to the NCLEX exam to help you pass.

Remar Virtual Trainer helps students use technology in a better way to help them succeed through its easy to read lecture material.

Why Remar  Virtual Trainer Is Trusted by Nurses and Nursing Students

NCLEX is the standardized exam for nursing students, which determines whether or not they are prepared to practice in a medical setting. For most nursing students, passing the NCLEX exam represents their future career.

Remar Virtual Trainer provides supplemental content in video lectures and NCLEX practice questions that can help you pass your NCLEX exam. It is a unique learning tool because it offers live video lectures from different Remar  faculty members.

Another great feature is Remar ‘s mobile application which lets you hear all Remar  audio components of Remar Virtual Trainer on your mobile devices. This means that you can study Remar ‘s content anytime, anywhere, no matter where you are!

Remar Virtual Trainer is certainly a different kind of learning tool because it helps nursing students get the best possible scores by providing them with supplemental content during their school lessons.

It also offers them an interactive experience where they can test themselves on Remar Virtual Trainer practice questions. This helps them learn faster and easier, leading to more time for other activities.

The Benefits of Remar Virtual Trainer

Remar Virtual Trainer offers a wide array of benefits to nursing students, including:

Quality over Quantity

Remar Virtual Trainer is not like other companies that offer thousands of questions for you to try and memorize. Remar goes the extra mile by providing high-quality content in small numbers, making it easier to learn. This ensures you get a better understanding of the material.

Better Tests and Test Scores

Remar Virtual Trainer offers practice NCLEX (licensing) exams that closely resemble the actual test. When you take these practice exams, they will provide you with a detailed report of where you went wrong and how to fix it. This makes preparing for your exam much more effortless, which guarantees better scores.

Study at Your Own Pace

Remar Virtual Trainer allows you to study at the pace that’s right for you. There are thousands of questions available, but there is no pressure to answer all of them. Taking your time ensures that you absorb the presented information, putting you in a better position to pass on the first try.

Taking it slow also allows you to monitor your progress and spot patterns of mistakes, ensuring that you will pass on the first try.

Evolutionary Study System

Remar Virtual Trainer has a unique study system recommended for its users. This is important because different students have different learning styles.

Remar created tools that help you find your best method. These tools also help guide you into the correct answers, increasing your chances of passing your NCLEX.

A Community-Based Network

Remar Virtual Trainer is a place where students can connect to other nursing students for support and guidance. This allows them to get assistance from their peers who have already been through the process, giving you the necessary guidance you need.

High-Quality Video Tutorials

Remar Virtual Trainer offers high-quality video tutorials to help you learn the material faster and more efficiently. These videos are short but packed with helpful content that ensures you better understand the concepts being presented. This ensures that you absorb the information, putting you in a better position to pass the test.

Flexible Study Schedule

Remar Virtual Trainer allows you to choose the days and times that work best for you. This flexibility ensures that you can fit your studying into your busy life easier, without sacrificing any time for yourself at all.

Choosing the times that work best for you will make it easier to stick to your studying schedule, increasing your success rate.

Extra Study Tools

Remar Virtual Trainer offers extra study tools like flashcards and quizzes to assist students who need additional help. These tools are great for learning complex concepts quickly and efficiently, without straining a lot.

Immediate Access Upon Purchase

No waiting through weeks or months of study guides or products before you can start. Immediately after you sign up for RVT, you will be up and running in just 60 seconds.

This ensures that you can start studying as soon as possible, without wasting precious time to study and prepare for your NCLEX.

24/7 Access to Content

Do you travel a lot? Are you pretty much occupied during the day? Do you need to run errands in between your study time? Remar  Virtual Trainer allows you to access your account anytime, day or night . . . thanks to its online system that can be accessed anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. This means you can study on your phone, tablet, or laptop at any time, day or night.

99.2% Pass Rate

More than 99% of Remar Virtual Trainer users have been successful in passing their licensing exams. The Remar training platform is designed to help you pass on the FIRST TRY by ensuring that you absorb the material being presented.

Unlike other models, where you are given hundreds of questions, RVT allows you to study at the pace that’s right for you. Having total control over your schedule will ensure that you can easily fit your studying into your life, which puts you in a better position to pass on your first try.

Free Three Day Trial

Are you not sure whether Remar Virtual Trainer is right for you? We have a free three-day trial, so you can learn more about our Remar training platform before making a final decision. That way, there are no surprises in the long run, and you will be able to start studying as soon as possible.

Meet The All-In-One Classroom And NCLEX® Supplement For Future Nurses

There are a lot of NCLEX prep tools that can help you get ready for the exam.

But, what if you had something else? A platform that’s easy to use, clear, and concise. With a 99.86% pass rate? Meet

Learners who are currently struggling with their NCLEX can expect to see improved scores and reduced anxiety due to using This is because it provides students with a unique experience that they would not ordinarily get in their actual clinical setting by taking them through a virtual hospital setting.

At, our students can experience nursing in a simulation of a real-life environment by writing orders for their supposed patients and managing the care of those patients under the supervision of a instructor or nurse. This allows students to learn crucial skills related to writing orders and providing care without the risk of harming patients. benefits students in many ways by allowing them to practice these clinical abilities before their NCLEX-RN exam day, with an instructor or nurse who is there for them when they have questions about their NCLEX content.

The video tutorial tools are helpful as they provide you with valuable resources for nursing practice on the go, at your own pace.

So if you are struggling with studying for the NCLEX exam, I suggest trying out.’s Nursing Practice Questions has more than 6000 questions with a customizable quiz builder to help you pass, with ease, the first time! Sign up for today and pass your NCLEX exam.

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