What You Focus On Becomes Your Reality

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What you focus on becomes your reality. That’s a quote. I read several months back in a book and it really made me think. So I wanted to talk about

it a little bit today, especially as it relates to a nursing school, and more importantly, how it relates to nursing school as you’re going through COVID.

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With Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio RN, PhD and NURSING.com.

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Podcast Transcription

Welcome to another episode of the nursing.com podcast. My name is Jon Haws RN. I’m the founder of nursing.com where our goal is to make your journey through nursing school. A little bit easier with clear and concise supplemental learning that caters to all learning styles, especially visual learners, come over and check us [email protected] and start a $1 trial today. What you focus on becomes your reality. That’s a quote. I read several months back in a book and it really made me think. So I wanted to talk about it a little bit today, especially as it relates to a nursing school, and more importantly, how it relates to nursing school as you’re going through COVID and all that, because there’s so many things that you could focus on right now and it can become overwhelming. So let’s talk about what kinds of things you should focus on and how to help yourself, you know, maybe find a better way or different way or another way to determine what it is that you want to focus on. 

So I’m sitting outside right now in my backyard, just kind of enjoying the nature, listening to the birds, listening to the cars, drive by and thinking about this idea of what we focus on becomes our reality. And I want to tell you guys a story about my journey through nursing school. And many of you probably know that during nursing school, I actually withdrew from nursing school during right before the last semester. So right before I was about to complete my last semester in nursing school, I actually withdrew and it took an entire year off before coming back and finishing my nursing degree. And it all comes down to this. What you focus on becomes your reality, you know, going into first semester of nursing school, I was incredibly motivated. I was studying every day. I read every chapter. I made notes on everything. The second semester, same thing I had great professors. 

Third semester things kind of hit a wall. I had a professor who didn’t seem to care. We didn’t listen to our concerns who didn’t teach us very well. And that really started to eat at me. I tried to work on in the nursing school to, to, to correct some of the issues to no avail. And all I could focus on was this, this one professor, these issues that we were having, and I couldn’t get my mind off of this. It became all consuming. It became all I could think about to the point that I finished that semester, went to the next semester with my mindset already, already in that bad place. 

Somehow got through fourth semester without destroying my GPA without getting or failing out. And then I withdrew and I took this, uh, this kind of year sabbatical, whatever you want to call it before returning and finishing my last semester. Now that’s kind of my story of focusing on the wrong thing and where it landed me. But I want you guys to listen to this and think, what is it that you’re focusing on right now? COVID is horrible. And COVID while trying to go to school, trying to find childcare, trying to find time to study, trying to navigate online lectures and online nursing school is so complicated and so complex. I can’t even imagine that on top of all the other ongoing struggles and difficulties of going through nursing school, learning about the human body, learning how to care for people, trying to find time for clinicals, trying to find time to study, trying to take care of family and other responsibilities and all of that. 

So, but again, let’s go back to what you focus on becomes your reality. There’s a couple ways to look at everything that’s going on right now that you are the unlucky one who was going through nursing school during this horrible time. And you have this horrible luck of the draw, and you’ll be lucky if you finish. That’s one way, another way to think about it is you are on the path to becoming a nurse and one way or another by God, you’re going to finish and you’re going to get your RN. You’re going to be practicing as a nurse. 

Now getting your mindset to that right spot is not easy. And I won’t suggest that it is, but what you focus on will become your reality. Now over the years, since nursing school, that time to grow up, I’ve had time to mature and have had time to think back on that. And I knew even at that time, my wife would tell me, she’s like, you have to stop thinking about this professor. You have to stop. And I just couldn’t. But over the last several years, I’ve grown up a little bit and learn some ways to maybe focus a little bit differently. And one of the main things I use now to help with my focus and where I’ve put my attention is something called objectives, objectives, and key results. Now objectives are longterm goals that explain where you want to end up, you know, for you right now, it would be, I will be a practicing registered nurse. 

That’s your objective? Okay, well, what are you going to do to get there? I’m going to study, or I’m going to take 150 questions a night. I’m going to watch three videos on nursing.com. Those are the key results. Those are the things that you’re going to do every night that will get you to that objective. Okay. So the objective, if you think about it like a big target, the objective is the bullseye. The key results are where you land. Did you do a hundred questions? Did you watch three videos? Those are yes or no things that you can measure. And if you set your life up around these objectives and these key results, you have this big longterm thing that you want to do, and you have this ability to see if you’re moving closer and closer and closer toward that goal. That objective, okay, without that. 

And I didn’t have that at the time, I was just getting through nursing school. Really. I was just suffering through nursing school. So when things got difficult, all I could focus on was the difficulties. I didn’t have this objective and I didn’t have a way to measure that. I was getting any closer to it. So as you go through this semester, as you start the semester under these conditions, I’m asking you to focus on the right things. The simple way to do that is objectives and key results set that objective that longterm target, I will be a registered practicing nurse. Okay. Now what are a couple measurable things? Yes or no. Did you accomplish that? You can do that are going to move you closer to that, make these things that you can do every day, every week, every month that are going to help you reach that things like practicing questions, reading, going to clinical, not like make an a in med surge. 

That’s not something that you can do every day to get you closer to that things that you can do every day. You know, watch three videos on nursing.com. Um, read a hundred pages a night, take 50 questions a night. Things like that. Things that are targets that you can hit, those are your key results, and they will get you closer and closer to your goal. As you do that, you’re going to see yourself focusing on the right things and all the little crap, you know, especially right now that you also have to deal with falls to the side because you’re focusing where you need to be focusing. I’m confident that’s going to help you guys. You’re going through so much right now. Nursing school is hard, but we are here to help. You’re not alone from now until September 21st. We’ve discounted by 25%. The nursing student Academy signing up a super easy score to nursing.com. You can start at $3 one day trial, no obligation. And within minutes you can be in there studying and preparing to reach your objective. We are here to help with clear and concise courses, questions, and cheat sheets, all prepared by world-class nurse educators. We love you guys. We want you to succeed. Okay. And be your best self happy nursing.

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