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Dear Future Nurse,

Last year, 316,074 nursing school graduates took the NCLEX exam. Just like you, they had prepared, sacrificed, and suffered through nursing school. They all nervously walked into the test with high hopes, but . . .

85,391 FAILED the NCLEX

that's right - 85,391 graduates who had passed the gauntlet of nursing school walked into the NCLEX with high hopes and walked out having failed the most important exam of their lives.

What made the difference?

Have you ever wondered, like I have, what makes the difference between someone who passes and someone who fails the NCLEX? Nursing school graduates are the "cream of the crop". They've put in the hours, they've taken the questions . . . but so many still fail.

The difference lies in HOW they prepare.

It's not about stuffing every resource into your brain . . . that's impossible . . . it's about carefully focusing on the "must know" content in a clear and concise manner.

But knowing WHAT to focus on can be hard (impossible).

And that is why we published the Comprehensive NCLEX Review book, to guide you visually through the "must know" material in a concise and easy to digest format.

An NCLEX Review book unlike any other

You see, the Comprehensive NCLEX Review book is unique. While the leading NCLEX review books are published by enormous publicly traded companies who specialize in book publishing, our book is written and published by our team of 23 practicing nurses who specialize in . . . nursing.

So when you review a disease process, you are learning from Masters prepared nurses who JUST took care of that patient in the hospital - it's like having a caring nurse preceptor right next to you while you study.

Every outline, every question and rationale, and every image goes through a rigorous proprietary approval process so that you can rest confident in your readiness.

Clear, Concise, and visual

Our nurses have done the hard work of curating the critical "must know" information for you so that you save time as you review.

What does that mean?

There are not 4,365 pages . . . it's just 458.

It is not overloaded with text . . . there are 57 full-color cheatsheets and 159 full-color images.

It does not cover all 9,432,856 diseases you learned in nursing school . . . it covers just the "must know". This is the same process we use inside all of our courses - which boast a 99.86% NCLEX pass rate.

An investment in your success

Hundreds of thousands of potential nurses will take the NCLEX this year - tens of thousands will fail - wondering what they could have done better to prepare.

I want you to be one of those walking out of the exam center with your head held high, knowing you passed. The Comprehensive NCLEX Review book can help you reach that moment.

Purchase yours today.


Jon Haws, RN
Founder of


"Would suggest to all nursing students . . . Guaranteed to ease the stress!"


Clear, Concise, Visual NCLEX Prep You Can Trust

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Eye appealing and engaging on every page

Color coded pages and sections help you quickly navigate each of the premium quality pages - with no detail overlooked.

Trustworthy educators from leading institutions

Written and reviewed by leading nursing educators from and top institutions like Parkland Hospital, Drexel University, Texas Woman's University and more.

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What's Inside The Book?

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