8 Best Pens for Nurses

Nursing involves lots of documentation. For this reason, a reliable pen is a MUST HAVE for every nurse.

The last thing you would need as a nurse is to constantly replace your pen when you have overwhelming, hectic daily duties.

Our primary focus at NURSING.com is to encourage and enlighten nursing students as they prepare to advance their nursing careers.

That’s why today, we review the eight best pens for nurses which come in handy in a daily nurse’s life.

After reading this guide, I’m confident you will grab the most suitable pen for your nursing needs and budget, or even get that perfect gift for your nurse bestfriend (wink). Let’s dive in right away.

8 Best Pens for Nurses

1. Zebra F-301 Ballpoint Stainless Steel Retractable Pen (View on Amazon)

Zebra never disappoints when it comes to making QUALITY and durable pens.

This particular pen for nurses comes with a SLEEK AND SOPHISTICATED DESIGN which makes writing more fun.

The ink is black.

The barrel design is made of an aesthetically pleasing stainless STEEL material… attached with a durable rubber for easy gripping.

The design is retractable, while the pen is refillable using the Zebra’s F-Refill (85512).

The stainless steel material can easily make you think that the pen is heavy. But no! This isn’t the case. The pen is LIGHTWEIGHT and convenient to carry around.

If you need a nursing pen that combines style and functionality, Zebra F-301 Ballpoint is the best nursing pen option for you.


  • A rubber enclosure in the gripping pen point makes writing easier and more comfortable
  • The stainless steel material makes the pen more stylish to use
  • Durable yet light to use


  • It may leak when you expose to too much sunlight or when not stored well


The current Amazon price is $22.49.

Customer Reviews

The current RATING in Amazon is 4.7, and most reviews are positive, which means that the pen is worth it for a nurse!

You can find more customer reviews here to make an informed buying decision.

2. BIC 4-Color Shine Ballpoint Pen, Pink Barrel, Medium Point (1.0mm), Assorted Inks, 3-Coun (View on Amazon)

Let your creativity as a nurse shine using the new BIC 4-Color Shine Ballpoint Pen – had to make our list of best pens for nurses.

This popular pen gives you the convenience of using FOUR INKS with the same biro pen… (GREEN, RED, BLUE, AND BLACK)

The top part of the pen has four buttons. To change the ink, you simply need to click the button which matches the ink you need to use.

If you like mixing colors when writing your notes. Then this is the best pen for you!

The barrel is beautiful. The top part of the pen is shiny metallic, while the lower part is pink. Both materials are DURABLE AND STYLISH.


  • Four ink colors in the same pen reduce the inconvenience of carrying many pens at work
  • The pen is retractable and refillable
  • The versatile 1.0mm medium point makes the pen great for everyday use
  • The beautiful metallic barrel makes the pen trendy using on an occasion


  • Some customers complain of ink leaks


The current Amazon price is $7.99.

Customer Reviews

This pen has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon. Most nurses are satisfied by this pen. Only a few complaints of possible ink leaks.

You can find more customer reviews on this amazing four ink pen.

3. PILOT G2 Premium Refillable & Retractable Rolling Ball Gel Pens, Bold Point, Black Ink, 12-Pack (31256) (View on Amazon)

PILOT G2 is a great pen for nurses who write MANY NOTES a day.

The pen is lightweight and comes with a rubber grip to control your writing and enhance the writing experience.

PILOT G2 pens are REFILLABLE, as the name implies.

The ink is WATER RESISTANT, and the pen body is translucent, so you can easily view the remaining ink.

With a millimeter bold point of 1.0, the pen creates a THICK AND BOLD line which makes your writing clear and noticeable.

Besides, the pen starts writing immediately when placed on paper, meaning it does not create any skips on the notebook.

This pen’s advanced features, comfortability, and reliability help save time when writing.


  • Provides easy and comfortable writing enhanced by the rubber grip and the easy to flow ink
  • It comes with a translucent barrel which makes the ink monitoring easy
  • The pen is refillable and retractable so that it can last for an extended period
  • The pen is extra-long to provide a smooth writing experience


  • Requires more pressure for the ink to write

Current Price

PILOT G2 currently retails at $17.74 on Amazon. View it to check more features and shipping options.

Customer Reviews

With an Amazon rating of 4.8 and more than 2.8k customer reviews, PILOT G2 is worth a try.

4. Paper Mate InkJoy 300RT Retractable Ballpoint Pens (View on Amazon)

Write extensively and boldly with the Paper Mate InkJoy 300RT Retractable Ballpoint Pen.

The pen comes with smoothly flowing ink which maintains the fun of writing.

It is made of a DURABLE PLASTIC MATERIAL with a Retractable Design, making writing easier with just a click.

What’s more…the barrel is black, and the ink is black as well.

Each pack contains 24 PENS, which means a single pack can serve you for an extended period.

Personally, I like the grip area, which is enclosed in a RUBBER material. Rubber makes writing easy even when your hands are wet.


  • The retractable design make writing easier with a single click
  • The medium writing tip(1.0 mm) makes bold writing easier to achieve
  • The rubber enclosure of the barrel makes gripping the pen more comfortable


  • The color can become patchier with time
  • Ink runs out quickly


Paper Mate InkJoy 300RT Retractable Ballpoint Pens currently retails at $9.82 on Amazon. View it for more features and shipping options.

Customer Reviews

With a rating of 4.5 in Amazon, Paper Mate InkJoy 300RT Retractable Ballpoint should clearly top your next list of writing pens for nurses. Check more customer reviews to make informed decisions.

5. SunAngel Ball Point Pens (View on Amazon)

Are you looking for a BRIGHT, BOLD, AND UNIQUE pen to gift yourself or fellow nurses? Look no further than the SunAngel Ball Point Pens.

These pens come as a package which contains the following:

  • Four syringe shaped pens
  • Ten bone-shaped pens
  • Six smiley-faced pens

All the pens are retractable and come in a compact size, making them easy to carry around.

The pens’ funky color is great for nurses who really like their profession and would like to advertise their brand whenever they are.

SunAngel Ball Point Pens are not only well designed but functional as well.


  • Interesting designs
  • Great gift for nurses on Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions
  • Easy to carry around because of their medium size


  • They are not refillable
  • The ink tends to dry very fast


The current price on Amazon is $12.99

Customer Reviews

SunAngel 4 Syringe Pens have a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. From the reviews, it’s evident that most customers are in love with these pens. Check out all customer reviews to make an informed buying decision.

6. Best Grew 10pcs Doctor and Nurse Polymer Clay Ball Point Pens (View on Amazon)

This is another incredible pack for gifting members of your nursing staff!

The package contains TEN BEAUTIFUL PENS designed with nurses/doctors’ cartoons.

Each pen comes with a unique color, although the primary colors are white, pink, and blue.

Best grew 10pcs pens for doctors and nurses are all RETRACTABLE AND FILLABLE with black ink. The ink is sold separately.

The barrel material is POLYMER CLAY, and the condition of the pens is usually 100% new.

Best grew 10pcs Doctor and Nurse Polymer Clay Ball Point Pens will be worth a try if you like style and class.


  • Beautiful pens with attractive designs
  • They come in multiple color choices


  • The glue holding the clay barrel can fade with the use
  • Possible ink leakage when the pen is exposed to excess sunlight


The current price for the package on Amazon is $11.97

Customer Reviews

Best grew 10pcs Doctor and Nurse Polymer Clay Ball Point Pens have an overall 4.5-star rating on Amazon. Check out the customer reviews to learn more about them.

7. COLNK Multicolor Ballpoint Pen 0.5, 4-in-1 Colored Pens Fine Point (View on Amazon)

COLNK Multicolor Ballpoint is a package of four durable pens. The multicolor pens write smoothly on all surfaces, making them a great pen for every nurse.

The barrel is made of a HARD PLASTIC MATERIAL that does not slide your hands off when holding. There’s also an attached soft grip rubber material which you can either attach or remove for a more comfortable holding.

These cute little pens are retractable and can comfortably fit in clothes/shirts pocket.

What’s more… COLNK Multicolor Ballpoints are refillable, and you can use any ink color on them.


  • Four multicolor pens in a single pack increase the convenience of carrying and using the pens
  • A soft grip of each pen means that you can attach the pen to a bag, a pocket, or book without it getting lost
  • The ink flows well


  • It may leak when you expose to too much sunlight or when not stored well


The current price on Amazon is $13.97

Customer Reviews

COLNK Multicolor Ballpoint Pens have an overall Amazon rating of 4.6. From the reviews, it’s evident that the quality of these four pens is worth every penny. Check out the customer reviews to make an informed buying decision.

8. Retractable Shuttle Pens with Carabiner Clip – Pack of 12 Bulk Mini 4-in-1 Multi-Colored Ink Ballpoint Pens (View on Amazon)

Size matters when buying a pen and the Retractable Shuttle Pens with Carabiner Clip is ideal for lovers of big pens!

Each pack contains four colors with the following colors…BLACK, RED, GREEN, and BLUE. To switch colors, you simply need to slide down the exact color you need to use.

The pens are usually enclosed in a durable Carabiner clip, so you no longer need to worry about losing your nursing pens!

And because they are small (mini size), you can carry them anywhere, either at work or home.

What’s more… all the pens are made of a rubber material and as you know…rubber never slides. So sturdy and comfortable usage is guaranteed!


  • Rubber barrels that are comfortable to handle
  • Multicolor so there are no limitations to the ink you can refill
  • The retractable design makes the pen usage simple with just a click
  • They are long-lasting


  • The retractable system is not durable, mainly when you apply excess pressure when clicking


The current price on Amazon is $14.99

Customer Reviews

The current Amazon rating is 4.3 out of 5. Check out the customer reviews to learn more.

Get the Best Pens for Nurses

Each pen comes with unique pros and cons. Understand the features of the pen you need first before buying to simplify the buying process.

Click Top Pens or Capped Pens: Which Are Better?

Nurses have had a long time debate on whether to use click-top pens or capped pens. Here are is a brief look into these two options:

  • Click Top Pens

Click top pens have increasingly become popular because of their ease of use.

These pens come with a spring and an ink cartridge that extends and retracts by clicking.

When you click the top of the pen downwards, the writing tip extends downwards to write. Similarly, the tip goes upwards when you click the top upwards.

Click tops are great for pens that use multiple inks. However, they require careful handling to avoid damaging the spring.

  • Capped Pens

Capped pens come with a cap that prevents the ink from escaping.

The cap protects the ink and protects you from getting hurt by the nib if you keep the pen in your pockets.

So… which option is better?

Well, both options are great, and the decision is entirely based on PERSONAL CHOICES.

If you decide to buy the click-top pen, check the reviews to know if the spring and cartridges are durable.

On the other hand, you should ensure that the cap of the capped pen is durable and easy to remove.

Nevertheless, most pens for nurses come with the click-top design, also known as the retractable design.

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