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Ep269: NRSNG Academy is LIVE

Struggling in nursing school? will skyrocket your grades 🚀

What’s going on? John Haws here, RN, founder of NRSNG. And today I’m incredibly excited because today, if you go to or, either one, your choice. Depends on how you wanna do it. Or if you just Google NRSNG academy and you go there, you will see that we have launched the brand new, fully revolutionized, completely changed NRSNG academy 2.0. This isn’t just a couple updates here and there. This is a complete overhaul. It’s basically like we’ve taken the Ford Pinto and turned it into a Lamborghini. This is such a huge update. If you’re a current academy member, you will notice that as you log in everything has changed. If you are not academy member, this is the first day that you can actually go and sign up for the new NRSNG academy.

So I’ll just keep this one short. Just a quick little reminder. Just a quick little push here. Shameless plug, go to or NRSNGacademy and check out the brand new, fully revolutionized NRSNG academy.

Alright guys, that’s all I’ll say for today. I hope you guys have a wonderful day. Love you guys. Happy nursing

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