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OMG! Please Don’t Make Me Take Report from Him . . . (plus Nursing Report Sheet Download)

nursing report sheet download

Struggling in nursing school? will skyrocket your grades 🚀


Don’t take or give another handoff report until you use this nursing report sheet template.

Download the Report Sheet

Handoff report is one of those areas that I tend to spend a LOT of time with new grads.  My preceptor did the same thing.  I remember for about the first month with her she had me do the following:

  • Fill out the above report sheet for each patient
  • Make me give her mock report on each one
  • Correct the errors
  • Stand over my shoulder while I gave report

If I were to be honest . . . I hated it . . .

In retrospect, I couldn’t thank her enough for the focus and effort she put on helping me learn how to give a proper report.



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