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colloid vs crystalloid

What Medications Do I Need To Know As a Nurse?

We hear from students all the time that their nursing program is cutting the pharmacology course . . . This drives me CRAZY! Pharmacology is one of the biggest components of our job as nurses and it is vital that

nursing mnemonic podcast


UNLOAD FAST   U sit Upright Nitro Lasix Oxygen Aminophylline Digoxin   Fluids – decrease Afterload – decrease Sodium – decrease Tests: dig level, ABG, K+  

nursing mnemonic podcast


CAUTION UP   Change in bowel or bladder A lesion that does not heal Unusual bleeding or discharge Thickening or lump in breast or elsewhere Indigestion or difficulty swallowing Obvious changes in wart or mole Nagging cough or persistent hoarseness

nursing mnemonics

38 Must Know Nursing Mnemonics Database

Mnemonics can be a great learning tool for nurses.  Here is a list of 38 nursing mnemonics for some of the most common disease processes you need to know. If you learn these while in nursing school they will provide you

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep32 Asthma (ASTHMA)

ASTHMA   Adrenergic (Albuterol) Steroids Theophylline Hydration (IV) Mask (Oxygen) Antibiotics  

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep31 Appendicitis (PAINS)

PAINS   Pain (RLQ) – pain in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen Anorexia – loss of appetite Increased temperature, WBC (15,000-20,000) Nausea Signs (McBurney’s, Psoas)  

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep30 Arterial Blood Gases (Rome)

ROME   Respiratory Opposite Metabolic Equal   pH pCO2 HCO3 Metabolic acidosis Low Normal Low Equal Metabolic alkalosis High Normal High Equal Respiratory acidosis Low High Normal Opposite Respiratory alkalosis High Low Normal Opposite    

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep28 Alzheimer (5 As)

The 5 A’s   Amnesia – loss of memories Anomia – unable to recall names of everyday objects Apraxia – unable to perform tasks of movement Agnosia – inability to process sensory information Aphasia – disruption with ability to communicate

Lactulose: Kristalose (laxative)

Generic Name lactulose Trade Name Kristalose Indication Constipation, portal-systemic encephalopathy Action draws water into the stool and softens stool, inhibits ammonia passing into the colon Therapeutic Class laxative Pharmacologic Class osmotic Nursing Considerations use caution with DM may cause cramps,

Ketorolac: Toradol (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents, nonopioid analgesics)

Generic Name ketorolac Trade Name Toradol Indication pain Action pain relief due to prostaglandin inhibition by blocking of the enzyme cyclooxygenase (COX) Therapeutic Class nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents, nonopioid analgesics Pharmacologic Class pyrroziline carboxylic acid Nursing Considerations may cause GI bleeding,

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep25 Steroids (6 S’s)

6 S’s   Sugar – hyperglycemia Soggy Bones – causes osteoporosis Sick – decreased immunity Sad – depression Salt – water and salt retention (hypertension) Sex – decreased libido  

Radioactive iodine (Antithyroid Agent, control of hyperthyroidism)

Generic Name radioactive iodine Trade Name none Indication thyroidectomy pretreatment, thyrotoxic crisis, radiation exposure Action inhibits the release of thyroid hormones Therapeutic Class Antithyroid Agent, control of hyperthyroidism Pharmacologic Class none Nursing Considerations may cause GI bleeding, diarrhea, hypothyroidism, goiter

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep24: Traction (TRACTION)

TRACTION   Temperature (Extremity, Infection) Ropes hang freely Alignment Circulation Check (5 Ps) Type & Location of fracture Increase fluid intake Overhead trapeze No weights on bed or floor

NPH Insulin: Humulin N, Novolin N (antidiabetics, hormones)

Generic Name NPH Trade Name Humulin N, Novolin N Indication hyperglycemia with diabetes type 1 and 2, diabetic ketoacidosis Action stimulates uptake of glucose into muscle and fat cells, inhibits production of glucose in the liver, prevents breakdown of fat

The Joy of Nursing with Juliana Adams RN, MSN, MA

When Robert Frost penned the words “the road not taken”, he must have had Juliana Adams BSN MSN MA in mind. To say that Juliana has done a lot with her nursing career would be a serious understatement.  In her 50

nursing mnemonic podcast


SCUM   Shopping Cooking and Cleaning Using telephone or transportation Managing money and medications

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep19: ECG Lead Placement (BEEP)

White – right Clouds over grass (white over green) Smoke over fire (black over red) Chocolate on the stomach (brown)     BEEP   Bleeding gums Epistaxis (nose bleeds) Ecchymosis (bruising) Petechiae  

Hydrochlorothiazide: HydroDiuril (antihypertensives, diuretics)

Generic Name hydrochlorothiazide Trade Name HydroDiuril Indication Hypertension, CHF, renal dysfunction, cirrhosis, glucocorticoid therapy Action Increases sodium and water excretion and produces arterial vasodilation Therapeutic Class antihypertensives, diuretics Pharmacologic Class thiazide diuretics Nursing Considerations May cause dizziness, hypokalemia, hyponatremia, hypophosphatemia,

Ep200: Nursing Practice Questions by NRSNG (NPQ) is Live

The day has arrived.  Nursing Practice Questions is live and ready to go!  What is NPQ? It’s our bank of NCLEX® style questions along with advanced statistics to help you focus your studies and feel confident as you prepare to

Hydralazine: Apresoline (anti-hypertensive)

Generic Name hydralazine Trade Name Apresoline Indication hypertension Action arterial vasodilation by unclarified mechanism Therapeutic Class anti-hypertensive Pharmacologic Class vasodilator Nursing Considerations may cause tachycardia, sodium retention, arrhythmias, angina use caution with MAOIs monitor blood pressure instruct patient on how

Heparin: Hep-Lock (anticoagulant)

Generic Name heparin Trade Name Hep-Lock Indication Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis and treatment, low dose used to ensure patency of IV catheters Action increases the inhibitory effect of antithrombin on factor Xa Therapeutic Class anticoagulant Pharmacologic Class antithrombotic Nursing Considerations monitor

nursing school hell

The 9 Circles of Nursing School Hell (eat your heart out Dante)

Nursing school can be.. well, hell.  Senior year is particularly horrific.  From applying for jobs, to completing your last clinicals, to finals week, to scheduling NCLEX prep, applying for your ATT, creating your resume and cover letters, preparing for interviews,

Haloperidol: Haldol (Antipsychotic)

Generic Name haloperidol Trade Name Haldol Indication Schizophrenia, mania, aggressive and agitated patient Action Alters the effect of dopamine Therapeutic Class Antipsychotic Pharmacologic Class butyrophenones Nursing Considerations extrapyramidal symptoms, tardive dyskinesia use caution in QT prolongation may cause seizures, constipation,

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep12 Cholinergic, Anticholinergic (SLUDGE)

  Anticholinergics- side effects Can’t see – burred vision Can’t pee – urinary retention Can’t spit – dry mouth Can’t s*** – constipation     Cholinergic Crisis – Signs and symptoms   SLUDGE Salivation Lacrimation Urination Defecation Gastric upset Emesis

things you don't learn in nursing school

16 Things You DON’T Learn in Nursing School

You learn a many wonderful things in nursing school….it is JAM PACKED with information.  Sometimes there are some bits and piece that they don’t seem to teach. Maybe it slips through the cracks, maybe it is something every nurse needs

Guaifenesin: Robitussin (allergy, cold and cough remedies, expectorant)

Generic Name guaifenesin Trade Name Robitussin Indication Cough suppression, expectorant Action Decreases viscosity of and mobilizes secretions Therapeutic Class allergy, cold and cough remedies, expectorant Pharmacologic Class none Nursing Considerations patient should avoid over the counter cold medications assess lung

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep7: Hyponatremia (SALT LOSS)

SALT LOSS   Stupor/coma Anorexia, N&V Lethargy Tendon Reflexes decreased   Limp muscles (weakness) Orthostatic hypotension Seizures/headache Stomach cramping  

Furosemide: Lasix (diuretics)

Generic Name Furosemide Trade Name Lasix Indication edema, hypertension Action prevents reabsorption of sodium and chloride in the kidneys, increase excretion of water, sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium Therapeutic Class diuretics Pharmacologic Class loop diuretics Nursing Considerations use caution with liver

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep4: Hypernatremia (FRIED, SWINE, SALT, MODEL)

Hypernatremia Nursing Mnemonic   You are FRIED from learning about sodium   Flushed skin Restlessness:  irritability Increased fluid retention and increased BP Edema:  peripheral and pitting Decreased urinary output, dry mouth   SWINE   (bacon has high amounts of sodium)

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep3: Hyperkalemia (MACHINE, MURDER, AIRED)

Hyperkalemia Nursing Mnemonics   The hyperkalemia MACHINE    Medications – ACE Inhibitors, NSAIDS, potassium-sparing diuretics Acidosis – Metabolic and respiratory Cellular destruction – burns, traumatic injury, hemolysis Hypoaldosteronism – Addison’s Intake- excessive Nephrons- renal failure Excretion – Impaired   MURDER

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep6: Hypokalemia (6 L’s)

6 L’s Lethargy Leg cramps Limp muscles Low, shallow respirations Lethal cardiac dysrythmias Lots of urine (polyuria)  

safe staffing ratios

Patient’s Lives and Dollar Signs . . .

My concern is . . . as with everything else . . . we have allowed antiquated systems and process and fear keep us from pushing for the change that is required in nursing. Today, Kati and I talk, off

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep2: Blood Types (Labs Nursing Mnemonics)

Picture type O as a huge circle, like the universe, because they are the universal donor.  They can give to everyone.  However, also think of them as the “odd man out” because they can only receive type O as well. 

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep1: Welcome to the Nursing Mnemonics Podcast

Welcome, welcome, welcome . . . what is up guys? We are at it again, dropping another valuable podcast for you to enjoy. This will be the home of the nursing mnemonics podcast with your host Kati Kleber RN CCRN.

Ferrous Sulfate: Feosol (antianemics)

Generic Name ferrous sulfate Trade Name Feosol Indication prevention and treatment of iron-deficiency anemia Action Iron is essential for hemoglobin, myoglobin and enzymes, it is transported to organs where it becomes part of iron stores Therapeutic Class antianemics Pharmacologic Class

QOD 74: Tumors and Sleep (Oncology/Basic Care and Comfort)

Question: A 37-year-old patient with a spinal tumor has been having a difficult time sleeping. Which best explains how a tumor can make sleep more difficult for a patient with cancer? Answer: B.  The tumor may place pressure on parts

QOD 72: Cataplexy and Sleeping Disorders (Neuro/Basic Care and Comfort)

Question: Which sleep disorder is associated with cataplexy? Answer: A.  Narcolepsy Rationale:  Cataplexy describes an involuntary loss of muscle function that is temporary. Cataplexy is most commonly associated with narcolepsy, which involves increased sleepiness during the daytime. A patient with

QOD 71: Visual Impairment (Fundamentals/Basic Care and Comfort

Question: A nurse is caring for a patient who is visually impaired. Which of the following interventions is most appropriate when working with this client? Answer: C. Explain procedures in a step-by-step manner Rationale:  When working with a patient who

Epinephrine (Adrenalin, EpiPen): antiasthmatic, bronchodilator, vasopressor

Generic Name epinephrine Trade Name Adrenalin, EpiPen Indication asthma and COPD exacerbations, allergic reactions, cardiac arrest, anesthesia adjunct Action Affects both beta1 and beta2 also has alpha agonist properties resulting in bronchodilation and  increases in HR and BP. Inhibits hypersensitivity

Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST)

Normal 12-37 U/L Indications Monitor progression of: Liver disease Response to treatments. Monitor liver toxic medications Description Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) is an enzyme primarily found in liver and heart cells and to a smaller extent, AST can also be found

national patient safety goal

The WORST Shift of My Life (it’s time to fix patient ratios)

What: Rally for National Nurse-to-Patient Ratios When: May 12, 2016 8am-4pm (rally 11am-2pm) Where: Washington D.C. (Corner of First St NE and Constitution Ave Permit area 9 information HERE) More Information The Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act will hold hospitals accountable

Post mortem care nursing

Coping with the Death of a Patient and Post Mortem Care

Any tips on coping with your first time doing postmortem care? mine was in the NICU. Death is a difficult reality of nursing care.  This episode discusses post mortem care and coping strategies for nurses when a patient passes away.

QOD 59: Prone Position in ARDS (Respiratory/Basic Care and Comfort)

Question: A nurse must position the patient prone after his diagnosis of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Which of the following is a benefit of using this position? Select all that apply. Answer: A. Decreased atelectasis C. Mobilization of secretions D. Decreased

Creating a Culture of Humility in Nursing Education

Nursing education can be challenging to navigate for any student.  One of the most common emails we get from students concerns the frustrations and doubts that surround nursing school. Today I interview Susan DuPont RN BSN who will be joining

nclex 3500 free questions

3500 Free NCLEX Questions (start practicing today)

You can never take enough practice NCLEX questions. The problem most students find is that you quickly run out of good questions. . . . after taking all the review questions in the book it can be hard to find

QOD 47: DVT Prevention (Cardiac/Basic Care and Comfort)

Question: A nurse is preparing to apply thigh-high anti-embolism stockings to a patient with a history of DVT. The nurse notes that the patients legs have different measurements. Which response from the nurse is appropriate? Answer: B.  Choose antiembolism stockings

QOD 44: Stress Incontinence (GI/GU/Basic Care and Comfort)

Question: A patient with stress incontinence is undergoing treatment through rehabilitation of the pelvic floor muscles. Which statement by the patient suggests that he is responding to the treatment? Answer: C.  “I have not leaked urine the last several times