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Ep029: Obtaining Informed Consent

What is informed consent?  Basically the patient is giving permission for treatment and acknowledging that they understand the risks and benefits of the procedure as

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Ep83 Child Abuse (CHILD ABUSE)

CHILD ABUSE   Child’s excessive knowledge of sex and abusive words Hair growth in various lengths Inconsistent stories from the child and parent/s Low self-esteem

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Ep82 Umbilical cord

Two areolas One  vagina   Two umbilical arteries, one umbilical vein  

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Ep021: Nursing Documentation

  If it wasn’t documented, it wasn’t done!   Nurses are responsible for documenting many things. Some of which include: Care plans Medications (many facilities

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Ep020: Provide and Recieve Report

Report will look different in various areas of the hospital ED report is very short and concise Critical care report is very detailed Floor report

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Ep79 Intra Uterine Device (PAINS)

PAINS Period (menstrual: late, spotting, bleeding) Abdominal pain, dyspareunia (painful intercourse) Infection (abnormal vaginal discharge) Not feeling well, fever or chills String missing  

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Fetal Acceleration (VEAL CHOP) OB Nursing

VEAL CHOP (OB Nursing Mnemonic)   Variable – Cord Compression Early – Head Compression Accelerations – Okay Late – Placental Insufficiency I have to be

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Ep73 Manic Attack (DIG FAST)

DIG FAST   Distractibility Indiscretion Grandiosity   Flight of Ideas Activity Increase Sleep Deficit Talkative  

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Ep68 Dialysis (AEIOU)

Check the vowels: AEIOU   Acid-Base Problems Electrolyte Problems Intoxications Overload of fluids Uremic Symptoms  

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Ep66 Truama (ABCDEFGHI)

ABCDEFGHI   Airway Breathing Circulation Disability Examine Fahrenheit Get Vitals Head to Toe Assessment Intervention    

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Ep65 Transient Incontinence (DIAPERS)

DIAPPERS   Delirium Infection Atrophic Urethra- atrophy of the urethra Pharmaceuticals- blood pressure medication, antidepressants, diuretics, sleeping pills Psychologic Excess Urine Output Restricted Mobility Stool

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Ep63 Pulmonary Edema (MAD DOG)

Morphine – causes vasodilation resulting in decreased BP Aminophylline – relaxes airways to make breathing easier Digitalis – improve heart function in pulmonary edema  

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Ep61 Elimination (POOPER SCOOP)

POOPER  SCOOP   (Promotion) Position Output Offer Fluids Privacy Exercise Report Results   (Evaluation) Size (Amount) Consistency Occult Blood Odor Peristalsis  

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Ep57 Moles (ABCDs)

ABCD’s Asymmetry- is the mole irregular in shape? Border- is the border irregular, notched, or poorly defined? Color- does the color vary (for example, between

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Ep54 Coronary Arteries (CAMP, AC)

I have a RIGHT to CAMP if you LEFT off the AC Right Coronary Artery Marginal artery Posterior intraventricular artery   Left Anterior ventricular artery

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Ep52 Heart Failure (HEAD, CHOP)

Right sided: HEAD   Hepatomegaly Edema (Bipedal) Ascites Distended Neck Vein   Left Sided: CHOP   Cough Hemoptysis Orthopnea Pulmonary Congestion (crackles/rales)      

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Ep50 Hypoxia (RAT BED)

RAT BED Early Hypoxia: Restlessness Anxiety Tachycardia  / Tachypnea   Late Hypoxia: Bradycardia Extreme Restlessness Dyspnea  

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Ep42 Dyspnea (6 Ps)

  The 6 P’s   Pulmonary Bronchial Constriction Possible Foreign Body Pulmonary Embolus (PE) Pneumothorax Pump Failure Pneumonia  

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UNLOAD FAST   U sit Upright Nitro Lasix Oxygen Aminophylline Digoxin   Fluids – decrease Afterload – decrease Sodium – decrease Tests: dig level, ABG,

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CAUTION UP   Change in bowel or bladder A lesion that does not heal Unusual bleeding or discharge Thickening or lump in breast or elsewhere

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Ep32 Asthma (ASTHMA)

ASTHMA   Adrenergic (Albuterol) Steroids Theophylline Hydration (IV) Mask (Oxygen) Antibiotics  

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Ep31 Appendicitis (PAINS)

PAINS   Pain (RLQ) – pain in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen Anorexia – loss of appetite Increased temperature, WBC (15,000-20,000) Nausea Signs

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Ep30 Arterial Blood Gases (Rome)

ROME   Respiratory Opposite Metabolic Equal   pH pCO2 HCO3 Metabolic acidosis Low Normal Low Equal Metabolic alkalosis High Normal High Equal Respiratory acidosis Low

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Ep28 Alzheimer (5 As)

The 5 A’s   Amnesia – loss of memories Anomia – unable to recall names of everyday objects Apraxia – unable to perform tasks of

Lactulose: Kristalose (laxative)

Generic Name lactulose Trade Name Kristalose Indication Constipation, portal-systemic encephalopathy Action draws water into the stool and softens stool, inhibits ammonia passing into the colon

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Ep25 Steroids (6 S’s)

6 S’s   Sugar – hyperglycemia Soggy Bones – causes osteoporosis Sick – decreased immunity Sad – depression Salt – water and salt retention (hypertension)

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Ep24: Traction (TRACTION)

TRACTION   Temperature (Extremity, Infection) Ropes hang freely Alignment Circulation Check (5 Ps) Type & Location of fracture Increase fluid intake Overhead trapeze No weights

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SCUM   Shopping Cooking and Cleaning Using telephone or transportation Managing money and medications

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Ep19: ECG Lead Placement (BEEP)

White – right Clouds over grass (white over green) Smoke over fire (black over red) Chocolate on the stomach (brown)     BEEP   Bleeding

Hydralazine: Apresoline (anti-hypertensive)

Generic Name hydralazine Trade Name Apresoline Indication hypertension Action arterial vasodilation by unclarified mechanism Therapeutic Class anti-hypertensive Pharmacologic Class vasodilator Nursing Considerations may cause tachycardia,

Heparin: Hep-Lock (anticoagulant)

Generic Name heparin Trade Name Hep-Lock Indication Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis and treatment, low dose used to ensure patency of IV catheters Action increases the inhibitory

Haloperidol: Haldol (Antipsychotic)

Generic Name haloperidol Trade Name Haldol Indication Schizophrenia, mania, aggressive and agitated patient Action Alters the effect of dopamine Therapeutic Class Antipsychotic Pharmacologic Class butyrophenones

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Ep7: Hyponatremia (SALT LOSS)

SALT LOSS   Stupor/coma Anorexia, N&V Lethargy Tendon Reflexes decreased   Limp muscles (weakness) Orthostatic hypotension Seizures/headache Stomach cramping  

Furosemide: Lasix (diuretics)

Generic Name Furosemide Trade Name Lasix Indication edema, hypertension Action prevents reabsorption of sodium and chloride in the kidneys, increase excretion of water, sodium, chloride,

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Ep4: Hypernatremia (FRIED, SWINE, SALT, MODEL)

Hypernatremia Nursing Mnemonic   You are FRIED from learning about sodium   Flushed skin Restlessness:  irritability Increased fluid retention and increased BP Edema:  peripheral and

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Ep3: Hyperkalemia (MACHINE, MURDER, AIRED)

Hyperkalemia Nursing Mnemonics   The hyperkalemia MACHINE    Medications – ACE Inhibitors, NSAIDS, potassium-sparing diuretics Acidosis – Metabolic and respiratory Cellular destruction – burns, traumatic

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Ep6: Hypokalemia (6 L’s)

6 L’s Lethargy Leg cramps Limp muscles Low, shallow respirations Lethal cardiac dysrythmias Lots of urine (polyuria)