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Hi everyone. This is the nursing podcast from And today we are talking about getting ready for nursing school, essential oils and specifically clothing accessories and clinical tools on our blog. We have a list of 35 items, 35 nursing school essentials, but today I’m going over just 16 of them. And specifically, as I mentioned above, we’re going to talk about clothing, accessories and clinical tools. So to get started, we’ll cover clothing and accessories. Our first one is scrubs for some schools and programs. There may be a very specific scrub that you’re required to get. It might be the color or the style or the brand in the job world. You may also be limited by a specific color, and in some cases that may limit the brands you can get as well. But if you have some flexibility, find a set that works well for you.

Some of the things that I learned from trying out different brands first with some brands and styles, I didn’t like the fit or how I looked, although this was not my top priority. This is something that you’re going to wear a lot. My very first pair was the cheapest that I could find at Walmart, but they were very far from flattering. And when you wear the exact same thing every single day, well, you know, the second thing pockets, I had this one pair of scrubs that I really liked the look and style of and the colors, but it had the side pockets. And for me, this didn’t provide enough room and things would slide out of those pockets. On occasion. I always made a lot of use of my pockets. So the standard two front pockets ended up being my favorite. The third thing is wrinkles.

I am not a person that irons, but some materials will wrinkle more than others. So if you don’t want to iron, but you still want to have a wrinkle-free look, find a material that will work better for that. cotton poly blends tend to be more wrinkle resistant than straight cotton, but trial and error goes a long way. Our second item is fleshed toned underwear. I don’t have a ton to say about this, but just that in your program, you may be required to wear white underwear, a white pants or both white pants and top. And if you are, you really may want to invest in some flesh-colored underwear. Number three shoes, first schools and hospitals often have guidelines on shoes, just like scrubs. Make sure you know those guidelines before you buy second you’re on your feet all the time. The wrong shoes can cause problems in your legs, your feet to your back, et cetera, and good support and comfort is very important.

Not all feet are created equal. So it is important to make sure that the shoes that you get are good and comfy fit for you. Number four, watch your program may require one and on the floor, you will need to administer certain medications, maybe over two minutes or five minutes within 10 seconds. So you want to choose a comfortable watch. That is easy to read. You may or may not end up using it. You can often use your phone or clock on the wall. Um, most hospital rooms have clocks on the wall with second hands number is the badge clip or badge lanyard. Although some people love the lanyard. Let me provide a warning. Remember when you lean over your entire badge will lean with you, which can seriously get in the way it might be worth it to try it out, but just be wary. If you get a batch clip, just choose a solid one. The cheap ones can break very easily.

Number six is the wheeled backpack. The typical book load for a nursing student is quite intense. And a lot of those books are these thick reference books like a drug guide. Your surge book alone is nearly four inches thick. So give your back a break and maybe try out a wheel backpack. That’s all of the clothing and accessories. Now we’re going to talk about some clinical tools. The first clinical tool is a clicky pen. It sounds strange, but it is really important. Try to spend one day in nursing school with a pen, with a cap on it and see how that goes. You’ll lose that cap. You will likely lose the pen because you can’t attach it to yourself. And you are definitely likely to end up with ink stains and marks because you don’t have the pens. Lid, clicky, pens are much easier to use.

You can connect them to your scrubs. You can stow them away without worrying about ink. Do yourself a favor and bike leaky pens. Never do Sharpies. Yeah, just basic Sharpies. these are very useful during clinical. When you need to write on medication stickers, that will go on Ivy fluids, et cetera. You can also get the fine point ones that help with note-taking and you actually may want two Sharpies, one fine 0.1 larger one. The large ones are really great for writing on IV bags. Number three, nursing cheat sheets. Every Friday, we email out a brand new PDF. We call them our Friday freebies. They are condensed clinical information and we send out a free one once a week, if you sign up. Um, so along with those cheat sheets, we also share a clinical story on how that information actually applies in the real world.

We literally cover everything. I think, labs, OB paeds, farm cardiac mental health, all the above. Number four, a nursing report or brain sheet learning how to take and give report as well as organize your time in clinicals is something that nursing students, new nurses, and experienced nurses, all struggle with. It takes a lot of practice to correctly, draw out the information that’s most important, and you’ll be surprised at how much more effective shift changes when you master this skill. Number five, a good stethoscope. I know that nurses don’t actually use stethoscopes well, oh wait, no, I test seriously. A good stethoscope is essential in nursing school. And as a nurse, you may want to do your research or even ask other nurses that you know, what they recommend so that you can choose a stethoscope that will serve you. Well, be careful with this one, because a lot of times those crappy ones that they sell at the scrub stores are just not going to cut it.

The best ones you can buy are going to be lemon, cardiac stethoscopes. They aren’t cheap and can run over $300. If you’re on a budget, consider spending at least $70 for a decent one, that will actually allow you to hear what you need to hear on the clinical floor. I know that money is tight while in nursing school, but do yourself a favor and purchase a quality stethoscope. Now, before you start, because if you don’t, you’ll end up spending more money later when you need your first one on the floor. Number six is a hemostat to define the use of a hemostat would be to limit the capabilities, although they were created in the sense of helping with surgeries, they can be used for so many things. Clamping Ivy lines, clamping Foleys, when changing tubing, holding a needle for suturing, clamping, and bleeding artery, unscrew Ivy to being clamped, chest tubing, the list goes on and on.

Sometimes it is just so creative and useful. It’s absurd. Can you be a nurse without them? Sure, but you can not be an awesome nurse without them. So just grab a pair and save yourself the potential trouble. Number seven trauma sheers. You’ll need them in both non-emergent as well as emergent situations, but most importantly, salvage save yourself a lot of time and just keep them on hand for when you need them. They can be used, for the child, adult proof medication packets that you’re trying to open for your patient, that painful weeping wound on your patient’s leg. That’s wrapped in gauze. You can cut off the gauze to minimize movement in the leg. A patient comes rolling into the ER after a major car accident. Well, you will be cutting off their Lulu lemon leggings and their eco-friendly organic cotton. Save the whales T no matter how expensive, because a full visual of any hemorrhage could mean the difference between life or death, be prepared with these.

Do not be the person who doesn’t have a pair they’re important and can mean life or death for a patient eight foam hand sanitizer. This one doesn’t need an explanation. Just choose a small bottle that will fit easily in your pocket. Yeah, hospitals have it everywhere, but you can get a nice cheap bottle that isn’t quite so sticky or gooey. Number nine, a pen light, a penlight is a must have. This helps with neuro assessments, oral assessments. Sadly, it can be hard to find a great pen light, but make sure you keep this on hand as well. Number 10 clipboard nursing clinicals are crazy. You’ll be carrying a ton of paperwork, taking a ton of notes, having a nice clipboard where you can store. All of that is important. There are ones that open from the side once open from the bottom. I prefer personally prefer the ones that opened from the side.

For me. It was easier to find what I needed inside, and that was our final, final clinical item. So let me just do a quick recap before we say goodbye. Number one is scrubs to flesh toned underwear, three shoes for a watch. Five, either badge clipper, lanyard six, a wheeled backpack. Our first clinical tool, clicky pens, Sharpies nursing, cheat sheets, nursing brain sheets, or report a good stethoscope hemostat trauma, sheers foam, hand, sanitizer penlight and a clipboard. I am so excited for you to start your nursing journey. You can do this. I know it’s hard, but you can do it. I believe in you now go out and be your best self today and as always happy nursing. Thank you for listening to our podcast today. is the trusted learning hub of all future nurses, your secret weapon for passing nursing school with your sanity intact. We want to invite all our listeners to visit us online and take advantage of a special promo offer. Just head over to that’s forward slash F R E E, and check out the free resources and other goodies that we have there just for our podcast listeners until next time, go out and be your best self today. And as always happy nursing.

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