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7 Ways Nurses Can Help With Hurricane Harvey

It’s in our nature as nurses to want to help during time of disaster.  When asked, “Why do you want to be a nurse?”, most of us would respond with, “To help people.” In some ways, disaster is our call

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Ep29 Altered Mental Status (AEIOU TIPS)

AEIOU-TIPS   Many patients experience Altered Mental Status (AMS).  There are many factors that can contribute to an alteration in a patients mental status and it’s important to know them.  This mnemonic will help you keep those causes in mind

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The 4 commandments of Select All That Apply Questions

You have studied, followed the words of your professors and read the holy nursing bible. You went to all the sermons and have tirelessly been a faithful disciple. So it is no surprise to you that when the Select All

nursing student taking simclex test

Can an LPN/LVN use to pass the NCLEX-PN?

All are welcome at!!  The base knowledge required to become an RN or a PN is similar.  What is different is how that knowledge is applied in practice. The NCLEX-PN focuses on gathering information while the NCLEX-RN focuses more

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Dealing With Anxiety During Nursing School Exams

Want to know how to deal with test anxiety in nursing school?  We can help you get past the stress and help you feel confident in your test taking abilities!  Listen in with Kati Kleber for dealing with that anxiety.

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Ep064: Handling Hazardous and Infectious Materials as a Nurse

Never touch the device/implant Label things appropriately Follow protocol/policy/procedure specifically Ensure patient is in private room to prevent exposure to other patients and their loved ones Maintain distance between yourself and device consistently If necessary use shield (like lead apron)

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Ep063: Identify Bio-hazardous, Flammable and Infectious Materials

Follow procedures for handling biohazardous materials Ensure proper labeling is in place For example, linen used with a patient with chemotherapy Demonstrate safe handling techniques to staff and patient Never recap needles, can result in a needlestick Utilize proper storage

Provide the Best Nursing Care (Nursing Prioritization)

It is obvious who you should see first if there is an airway, breathing or circulation problem, but what if the ABC’s are stable? Is there a DEFG continuation? Some other way to learn and remember what to do first

How to Prioritize Nursing Tasks

Nursing has many components involved. That is why time management in nursing is crucial. It is literally the glue that holds the skills we have learned to become a nurse together. You need to be good at such a large

When and How to Delegate as a Nurse

Delegation is critical to being excellent with time management.  In this podcast we discuss how to know when and how to delegate.  We have created a little mini series in the NRSNG podcast covering time management for nurses that I

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Ep058: Implement Emergency Response Plans

Nurses frequently use a color-coding system to triage patients, as identified by the facility Example: Red: highest priority, life-threatening yet survivable injuries Yellow: medium priority, injuries but not life-threatening Green: low priority, can wait an extended time, non life threatening

4 Steps to Nursing Delegation

Delegation is tricky subject in nursing school.  While it’s presented in a black and white, very straightforward manner in the classroom… the way it plays out in the clinical environment is different.  You may not be sure who can do

4 Simple Steps to Talk to Physicians

One would think that communicating with physicians would be black and white… that it would be very fluid and easy, and come naturally to a nurse… however that could not be farther from the truth. I want to give you

nclex prep nursing podcasts

Ep053: Ensure Proper Identification of Patient When Providing Care

You must check their appropriate ID before doing anything Medications: check name, birthday, and so forth Check patient’s armband (or other identifying device) if patient is unable to speak Many facilities require scanning the armband before giving any medications Always

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Nursing school can be a bumpy ride, and to help you get through your journey we decided to cover time management on the podcast.  If you can get yourself organized from the start you will be able to get the

I’m a Little Bit Scared to Share This #vulnerable

Can I be honest? I had an amazing experience last month.   It was one of those moments when you are filled with thousands of emotions ranging from happiness to sadness all at the same time.  Have you ever felt

nclex prep nursing podcasts

Ep051: Implement Seizure Precautions for At-risk Patients

Many disease processes can put patients at an increased risk for seizures Brain injury or trauma Drugs, medication Withdrawing from alcohol or other drugs Fevers History seizure activity See this list from John Hopkins about various causes of seizures Patients

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Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Time Management

Nursing school prepares you for a lot of theoretical situations.  It gets you familiar with the basics, starting off very slow.  You start with how to do everything, then you start taking care of one patient… trying to encompass all

GINS08: 5 Things to Read Before You Start Nursing School

Read these 5 great books before you start nursing school!   Test Success: Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Student  By: Patricia M. Nugent Becoming Nursey  By: Kati Kleber Daring Greatly By: Brene Brown Nursing School Thrive Guide By: Maureen Osuna NRSNG

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Ep049: Protect Patient from Injury

Falls: initiate fall risk care plan if appropriate, make sure patient is safe to ambulate, initiate all fall precautions Electrical hazards Unsafe behavior from other patients or visitors

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EKG05: Sinus Tachycardia

Want more of this show? Subscribe in iTunes: HERE Subscribe in Google Play: HERE Read our massive post on EKG Interpretation for Nurses here:

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GINS06: Balancing the Rest of Life with Nursing School

“I mean, how hard is nursing school… really?”  This is one of the first questions many people ponder as they decide to go to nursing school. You search the internet to figure out how bad it is… really.  You stumble

nursing school motivation

GINS05: What to Expect in Nursing School

I was not sure what to expect in nursing school before I began.  I thought that it was a very practical process. I pictured being taught how to do various procedures, understanding certain disease processes, and just caring for patients.

How to Use the Nursing Process to ACE Nursing School Exams

Becoming a nurse is likely one of the most difficult, yet rewarding, goals you will ever achieve. Knowledgeable and compassionate nurses are widely respected in the medical field and beyond. Although you have made the life-changing decision to become a

nclex prep nursing podcasts

Ep041: Management of Care: Referrals: Assess the Need to Refer Patients

Examples of necessary referrals include therapy services (physical, occupational, speech), wound care, nutritional services, and so forth Recognize the need for referrals and obtain necessary orders Identify community resources for the client with health care team (Meals on Wheels, respite

hiv questions with rationales nursing

10 NCLEX Questions for HIV

Caring for the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) patient requires a deep knowledge of the disease process. The new nurse should have a basic understanding of the virus, infection control, immunity, and patient care.  This free 10 question quiz is designed

copd nclex questions

10 NCLEX Questions for COPD

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is a common respiratory disorder that affects more than 11 million people in the US.  Sadly, there is no cure for COPD, but early detection and good medical care can help the patient manage the

getting into nursing school featured image gins podcast

GINS01: Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to the Getting Into Nursing School Podcast.  The goal of this podcast is to help aspiring nursing students navigate the labyrinth of nursing school admissions.

nclex prep nursing podcasts

Ep040: Define Performance Improvement and Quality Assurance Activities

  Participate in performance improvement/quality improvement process Utilize research and other references for performance improvement actions Report identified patient care issues and problems (utilize chain of command) Evaluate the impact of performance improvement measures on patient care and resource utilization

nclex prep nursing podcasts

Ep042 Identify and Facilitate use of Infant and Child Car Seats

Important to ask about all allergies, not just medication allergies Some medications may have ingredients from different foods in their coating or capsules Must ask about allergies to IV dyes or contrast Ask about all food, environmental, and medication allergies

nclex prep nursing podcasts

Ep043 Determine patientstaff member knowledge of safety procedures

Many facilities have various protocols on how to deal with various safety issues Falls Armed intruder Large patient influx/at capacity Infant abduction Weather issues Acts of terrorism Unsafe/violent patients or visitors Know how to safely exit building and expectations of

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FF007 – EKG Interpretation Cheat Sheet

Today we cover EKG Interpretation for nurses.  We’ve got a 4 page chart that helps going out in the Friday Freebies today. If you aren’t aware, we email out a brand new cheatsheet, reference sheet, clinical tool, what-ever-you-wanna-call-it, every single

hesi teas faq

FF006 – 50 Motivational Nursing Quotes

Today we cover 50 of my favorite nursing quotes. If you aren’t aware, we email out a brand new cheatsheet, reference sheet, clinical tool, what-ever-you-wanna-call-it, every single Friday.  To take advantage of this series it will help if you are

FF004 – Musculoskeletal System NCLEX Points

Today we talk Musculoskeletal System . . . yea! If you aren’t aware, we email out a brand new cheatsheet, reference sheet, clinical tool, what-ever-you-wanna-call-it, every single Friday.  To take advantage of this series it will help if you are

FF003 – Newborn Assessment

Today we talk about the Newborn Assessment. We do have an OB/Peds course as part of the NRSNG Academy Membership If you aren’t aware, we email out a brand new cheatsheet, reference sheet, clinical tool, what-ever-you-wanna-call-it, every single Friday.  To

FF000 – Friday Freebie Podcast Series

Soooo . . . . starting next Friday we will be introducing the Friday Freebie Series of the NRSNG Podcast.   In this series, I will be providing an overview, outline, etc, of the FridayFreebie that was mailed out that

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Ep037 Report Patient Condition as Required by Law

Abuse and neglect Child, elderly, domestic Know your local reporting agencies (Child Protective Services) Communicable diseases Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction System (VAERS, Report to Center for Disease Control (CDC) 2016 list of reportable conditions: Adverse reactions to vaccinations

nclex prep podcast nursing students nurses

Ep032: Utilize Information Resources to Enhance the Care Provided to a Patient

This includes evidenced-based research, information technology, policies and procedures) Access data for client through online databases and journals Most hospitals have subscriptions to journals Professional organization journals have a plethora of information available, directly related to nursing Consistent review of

nclex prep podcast nursing students nurses

Ep030 Receive and or Transcribe Health Care Provider Orders

Each facility may have a different process Identify inappropriate and/or unclear treatments or medications A nurse must administer treatments unless they believe they are inappropriate or unclear If this occurs, you must contact the prescriber and discuss further, document appropriately,

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7 Things You Should Always Bring to Nursing Clinical

Ever sit down in a bathroom stall to go to potty and the tissue is out? You pray for someone to come into the bathroom. Anyone… Please…! Then, right before you contemplate how much you like your underwear and could

How to Stay Organized in Nursing School

I will admit it. I started every semester with the best intentions: super organized, everything labeled, and calendar ready to be filled out with all my appointments. Week one would involve mass amounts of anxiety due to getting explanation of

nclex prep podcast nursing students nurses

Ep029: Obtaining Informed Consent

What is informed consent?  Basically the patient is giving permission for treatment and acknowledging that they understand the risks and benefits of the procedure as well as the consequences for not receiving the treatment. Wikipedia The patient must be an

nclex prep podcast nursing students nurses

Ep024: Follow Up on Unresolved Patient Issues

Issues arise frequently that require the nurse to address them and ensure the problem has been resolved Examples Lab problems: unable to get serum sample, sample obtained hemolyzed, came to draw lab and patient at another test Nutrition issues: patient

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep83 Child Abuse (CHILD ABUSE)

CHILD ABUSE   Child’s excessive knowledge of sex and abusive words Hair growth in various lengths Inconsistent stories from the child and parent/s Low self-esteem Depression   Apathy, no emotion Bruised Unusual injuries Serious injuries Evidence of old injuries  

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep82 Umbilical cord

Two areolas One  vagina   Two umbilical arteries, one umbilical vein  

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Ep021: Nursing Documentation

  If it wasn’t documented, it wasn’t done!   Nurses are responsible for documenting many things. Some of which include: Care plans Medications (many facilities use barcode scanning) Nursing notes Assessments (focused, head to toe, vascular access devices, lines, tubes,

nclex prep nursing podcasts

Ep020: Provide and Recieve Report

Report will look different in various areas of the hospital ED report is very short and concise Critical care report is very detailed Floor report is more detailed than the ED, but less detailed than critical care Some facilities use

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep79 Intra Uterine Device (PAINS)

PAINS Period (menstrual: late, spotting, bleeding) Abdominal pain, dyspareunia (painful intercourse) Infection (abnormal vaginal discharge) Not feeling well, fever or chills String missing  

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Ep018: Maintain Patient Confidentiality and Privacy

Keep your password of EHR’s protected and confidential Don’t talk about sensitive information in public areas Speak with patient about which members of their support system they want involved in their care and identify anyone they may not want visiting

veal chop ob nursing mnemonic

Fetal Acceleration (VEAL CHOP) OB Nursing

VEAL CHOP (OB Nursing Mnemonic)   Variable – Cord Compression Early – Head Compression Accelerations – Okay Late – Placental Insufficiency I have to be honest here . . . OB Nursing was NEVER an interest of mine even before

nclex prep nursing podcasts

Ep016: Manage Conflict Among Patients and Staff

The nurse is at the bedside with the patient 24 hours/day and they typically feel most comfortable with their nursing staff.  Therefore, if a problem or personality conflict arises, the patient will most likely verbalize this to the nurse and

nclex prep nursing podcasts

Ep015: Identify Responsibilities of Each Health Care Team Member

Nursing staff Continual care provider, advocate, administer medications and orders placed by medical team, evaluate effectiveness, notify medical staff of concerns, facilitate collaboration of entire healthcare team, work with health care team to optimize care Manage additional nursing support staff,

nclex prep nursing podcasts

Ep014: Identify Responsibilities of Health Care Team

This needs to be done daily to ensure we are facilitating the appropriate plan of care As other members of the health care team assess the patient and develop plans and goals, we need to update our plans and goals,

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep73 Manic Attack (DIG FAST)

DIG FAST   Distractibility Indiscretion Grandiosity   Flight of Ideas Activity Increase Sleep Deficit Talkative  

nclex prep nursing podcasts

Ep009: Case Management – Ensure an Informed Discharge

The patient and their support system must have all information related to the discharge process as early on as possible Location, contact information (and contact info for after-hours situations), financial information, transportation, follow-up appointments, equipment (ensure understanding of proper use

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep68 Dialysis (AEIOU)

Check the vowels: AEIOU   Acid-Base Problems Electrolyte Problems Intoxications Overload of fluids Uremic Symptoms  

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Ep008: Case Management – Plan Care Specific to Patient Needs

Consider diagnosis, prescribed treatment recommendations, ability to remain compliant, patient’s understanding of situation, support system available, ability to utilize resources when questions or concerns arise, affordability, level of self care Patient situations differ widely and it is not a “one

nclex prep podcast nursing students nurses

Ep007: Case Management – Work to Provide Cost Effective Care

Consider cost when setting up care/resources Is this sustainable? How does their insurance coverage, Medicare, or Medicaid factor in? Do so in a non-judgemental way Speak with the patient and support system about finances, what they can realistically afford and

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How to Prioritize When Everything is Urgent

“Help! I have fallen and I can’t get up!”   “My leg is killing me!… Like I think I might die!”   “I have to pee now!!!”   “I don’t need anything but I put my call light on every

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep66 Truama (ABCDEFGHI)

ABCDEFGHI   Airway Breathing Circulation Disability Examine Fahrenheit Get Vitals Head to Toe Assessment Intervention    

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep65 Transient Incontinence (DIAPERS)

DIAPPERS   Delirium Infection Atrophic Urethra- atrophy of the urethra Pharmaceuticals- blood pressure medication, antidepressants, diuretics, sleeping pills Psychologic Excess Urine Output Restricted Mobility Stool Impaction  

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Ep005: Case Management: Explore Resources to Maintain Independence

Become familiar with your community’s resources that can be helpful to patients attempting to maintain independence Nursing homes, respite care, SNF, home health agencies, Meals on Wheels Consider insurance coverage, Medicare, Medicaid, family support and availability to utilize resources

nclex prep podcast nursing students nurses

Ep004: Identify Tasks for Delegation Base on Patient Needs

NCSBN Delegation | ANA: Developing Delegation Skills You will be responsible for delegating tasks to others; nursing assistants, other nurses, and so forth Not all tasks are appropriate to delegate You can only delegate tasks for which you are responsible

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Ep63 Pulmonary Edema (MAD DOG)

Morphine – causes vasodilation resulting in decreased BP Aminophylline – relaxes airways to make breathing easier Digitalis – improve heart function in pulmonary edema   Diuretics (Lasix) – pull excess fluid off Oxygen – improve oxygenation Gases (Blood Gases/ABGs) –

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Ep61 Elimination (POOPER SCOOP)

POOPER  SCOOP   (Promotion) Position Output Offer Fluids Privacy Exercise Report Results   (Evaluation) Size (Amount) Consistency Occult Blood Odor Peristalsis  

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Ep001: What Do Nurses Need to Know About Advanced Directives

It is the nurse’s job and part of the law (Client Self-Determination Act) to assess for existing advanced directives and integrate them into the patient’s care, and inform and educate about them if the patient is unfamiliar with advanced directives

nclex prep podcast nursing students nurses

Ep002: Advocating for Your Patient – What Does it Mean?

Advocating – help the patient and their support system understand the clinical picture and identified treatment options, identify their wants/needs, support the patient, speak on their behalf if needed, and uphold and protect their rights The foundation of being an

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep57 Moles (ABCDs)

ABCD’s Asymmetry- is the mole irregular in shape? Border- is the border irregular, notched, or poorly defined? Color- does the color vary (for example, between shades of brown, red, white, blue, or black)? Diameter- is the diameter more than 6

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Ep54 Coronary Arteries (CAMP, AC)

I have a RIGHT to CAMP if you LEFT off the AC Right Coronary Artery Marginal artery Posterior intraventricular artery   Left Anterior ventricular artery Circumflex artery      

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep52 Heart Failure (HEAD, CHOP)

Right sided: HEAD   Hepatomegaly Edema (Bipedal) Ascites Distended Neck Vein   Left Sided: CHOP   Cough Hemoptysis Orthopnea Pulmonary Congestion (crackles/rales)      

nursing mnemonic podcast

Ep50 Hypoxia (RAT BED)

RAT BED Early Hypoxia: Restlessness Anxiety Tachycardia  / Tachypnea   Late Hypoxia: Bradycardia Extreme Restlessness Dyspnea  

NRSNG Isn’t Mine . . . It’s OURS!

So . . . I guess this episode is just about 8 minutes of a few thoughts on my mind.  Mostly though, I just want you all to know how much you really mean to us! isn’t mine .

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Ep42 Dyspnea (6 Ps)

  The 6 P’s   Pulmonary Bronchial Constriction Possible Foreign Body Pulmonary Embolus (PE) Pneumothorax Pump Failure Pneumonia